Out & About Dress

Today I get to show off my Out and About Dress by Sew Caroline
This is by far one of the easiest dresses to make!

I did deviat by making the skirt a circle skirt instead of a gathered one. Thankfully Knit is super forgiving, cause that required me to do math....

I used Dana's circle skirt tutorial to figure out how big I needed to make my cut out.

I love this printed knit too. It was one of my Project Run and Play winnings.
My girls drove me nuts cause they all loved the feel of it and kept coming over and touching it.
I think I'm going to have to make them some matching dresses.....

This dress was so comfortable I ALMOST did a cartwheel in it.....

That confused look is my husband reminding me that I'm in a dress.....
...as well as the point that I suck at cartwheels....

Dream crusher.

I can still twirl in it though! 
And look at that! I retained some of my childhood ballet lessons!

I loved this dress and can't wait to make more. It definitely fit's into my comfort and style! Did I mention how easy it was to make?? It all came together so quickly.

Alida from Alida Makes is touring with me today, so definitely go see her version cause I'm positive it's the bomb.
Then you can go and grab your copy of the dress here.

Thank you so much Caroline for having me!!


  1. I ALWAYS love your tennies & dresses. Keepin' it real, dawg. Now go put some jeans on and do a cartwheel for me!

  2. I LOVE it as a circle dress! You are so brilliant. I will have to give that a try next. (Oh yes, there will be several more, I'm in love with this pattern.)

  3. ha love it, and the urge to do cartwheels ;)

  4. Love your fabric, but love you more. You are adorable!


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