Kids Clothes Week - Doodle Army

If you've noticed I have really changed gears to summer clothing. Even though our daily highs are at freezing or below. A girl can hope spring is just around the corner right???

Since Doodle Army by Fabric Stache fit in so well with Kid's Clothes Week's theme, I couldn't help making something with it. I may have also been hoarding it just slightly, so this really helped me to start getting things made!

I went with my go-to favorite patterns: Titchy Threads, Twisted Tank, the regular version.
I can't believe that Jude is already in the size 4. Man these kids grow fast!
For the neck and arm bands I used regular white jersey knit instead of ribknit and it worked out wonderfully!

I seriously adore this fabric and I wish I could have bought a full 15 yard bolt of it when it was running. It's hard to see in these pics, but there is a little pink princess in the Dragons hands. I bought 3 yards and have 4 panels. Just a little obsessed......

This guy gives it two thumbs up!
And now you can go back to Kid's Clothes Week and check out all the amazing inspiration over there!

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  1. Love the fabric! That's what makes boys happy ; )


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