Be The Good In Our World

School is finally out and our summer weather has just started to come around. I have been sooo excited about summer sewing! I know it's something I could have started on a while ago, but with how fast my kid's grow, it's safer to start once the season hits rather than hope they still fit in whatever I've made before hand.

I know my family would definitely fit into a Hippie/Gypsy/Bohemianism way of life and this panel was just screaming Boho to me. So I used New Horizons Girls Key West Tank Top and cut out a size 6 for Paisley. Since I was making the fringe, I used a water soluble pen to mark the line of where I'd be cutting it, and then when sewing it up, I stopped sewing at that line on each side.

 The panel is the "Be The Good Panel" from Peek-a-boo Fabrics Round 24 Preorder that closes June 15th, 2017.
 The Graphic is 18" by 26" and it's printed on 95% cotton/5% spandex knit.
If you've never tried Peek-a-boo Fabrics before, you really should! I buy quite a lot of swim from her along with some of her custom prints and they've always held up so well!

I absolutely love this saying and need it on my wall. I completely agree that we can affect how our world is by our actions and behavior and good starts with us and I love my girls getting that reminder on the clothing they wear too.

Make sure you grab your panels by June 15th and I hope you all have an amazing summer!


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