Riley Blake Designs - Honey Run

The last month of school has been so crazy busy. With last minute school performances, field trips, and play practices, I can honestly say that summer break couldn't come soon enough! And now that it's here we had to make a picnic dress out of Riley Blake Designs Honey Run by Jill Finley!

I went with the new Violette Field Threads Birdie Top & Dress in Honey Run Check Yellow. Gingham is a summer must! Paisley is a tiny little bird, so the bodice is a size 7 with a 10 length and a 10 length skirt. She's my kid with the most drastic hacking needs. The Birdie was so easy to adjust!

I went with the split back option, it is summer after all! And how adorable is that bow? I chose to make the side panels and pockets out of the Honey Run Diamond in Black as accents. This kid doesn't hide bugs and her collection of rocks in every pocket, so she gets all the cuteness!

Paisley is my only girl that still wants mostly dresses for the summer. Zoe announced that she only wants a couple of dresses, where Aevs is completely done with them. It's weird they're hitting this stage in life! I'm hoping my Paisley will still love dresses always, but I guess we'll see in a few years!

As for our summer....it's honestly just as busy as school with more play practice, swim days, stargazing and smores! But we for sure will be getting to sleep in!!

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