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Today I'm sharing a sweet summer dress out of Riley Blake Designs line, Sew Retro by Sara Davies. It's kind of funny because when I was making this dress I kept getting idea's of the dresses my mum wore as a child growing up in England. I kept thinking it was because she grew up in the 60's and 70's which is where my mind goes to when I think "retro", but come to find out, Sara Davies is from England too! I've only been to England twice, but I'm totally set when I do go because of all the family I have out there!

With our temps in the high 90's low 100's now, summer dresses are in their peak need!
I chose to make Little Lizard King's Amsterdam with Waves in Cream. This is such a fun print! I wanted to do a chevron bodice, I quickly learned since the fabric was "waves" that was going to be rather tricky! Although the lines didn't completely meet up, I still feel like it's a total win and I love the bodice!
I also went with pom-pom trim to finish off the hem because it's so fun! 

I know the days of my girls twirling in care-free bliss are numbered (Aevs has already declared she doesn't want to wear dresses anymore and Zoe is on the edge) and it really makes me sad. I can't really talk because I'm not a dress girl at all, but it's weird having my kids make that shift. My oldest just got his license this month, so I'm all sorts of nostalgic that so many stages in their lives are over. I didn't expect childhood to go by so fast, so I'm just an emotional mess a little bit about it!

I know time flies when you're having fun and we really do have a lot of fun! So far our summer has been filled with plays, days at the pool, lake, and swimming down the river and I don't see an end to it! And of course, having such lovely summer dresses to go out in is a plus!

 One of our other favorite prints in this line is the Triangles in Navy. I have an Amsterdam in Paisley's name cut out ready to go in it! They're all such fun prints and perfect for the summer! These girls have also requested a mini-backpack in our left overs. It's going to be adorable!

Which print is your favorite in this line? 

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