Back to School Tour 2019

I can't believe summer is already over. Our summer was incredibly jam packed and I'm honestly kind of excited for the school year to start and to get some me time!
One of our favorite parts of back to school is the new school clothes and what better way to start the school year off than with a blog tour!
There is a lot of inspiration on this tour along with a giveaway so make sure to follow along!
We have an amazing line up for this tour!

For my look today I'm sharing a long sleeved Rowan tee using the Henley hack.
The fabric is Mimi's Custom Fabric Bee's that Jude picked out especially because he loves them. He's also really into all the long sleeved shirts and hoodies and jeans. We live in the desert and it's been over 100 degree's every day! And this child wants long sleeved shirts, hoodies, and jeans!
I'm sure once it gets cold it will be the opposite and all he'll want is shorts and tee's!

Make sure not to miss Sincerely, Shantelle look today!
And now to the giveaway! Make sure to leave a blog comment to enter. You can get extra entries by commenting on each bloggers post and on their Instagram posts as well!

2 yards from Mimi's Custom Fabric
10% off all patterns from DIBY Club with code: B2Sblogtour (expires Aug 25, 2019)
2 patterns of choice from DIBY Club (bundles excluded)
 2 patterns of choice from Rad Patterns
2 patterns of choice from Paisley Roots
1 pattern of choice from Sisboom
1 pattern of choice from Little Lizard King
1 pattern of choice from Titchy Threads
1 pattern of choice from New Horizons Designs
1 pattern of choice from Modkid

I want to give a huge thank you to our sponsors! They all have amazing patterns that are perfect for back to school! So make sure you check them out!


  1. oh I love that shirt!! such great fabric!! I'm so excited they are sponsoring!

  2. I'm excited about this tour! My back to school sews haven't really happened yet 🤷. My kids all need pants though!

  3. Love all these pattern makers!

  4. It looks great on him! Good choice!

    1. And I’m sewing top and dresses for my two oldest.

  5. Oh how cute he is!! Wouldn’t it be something though, to be sewing shorts and short sleeves in January? Haha

  6. So cute! That’s a pattern I’ve been wanting to try!

  7. I love this on him!! Those bees are too cute!

  8. Love how you made this look so good!!

  9. Love the bee fabric, my granddaughter would love it

  10. Summer went by too fast! We love back to school sews too!

  11. I love the Henley style! You did such an good job with this!!


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