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I know I sound like a broken record, but I really can't believe how fast time is flying by. Each year feels like it goes by a little faster than the last. We only have 11 days of Summer truly left and the crazy part of the year is just a blink of an eye away.
No matter my attempts at trying to beat the holiday rush I always seem to get caught up in it. That doesn't stop me from continuing to try every year to stay on top of things though!

Which brings us to today's post! It's the Berries by Riley Blake Designs is out in stores and it is the PERFECT holiday line!

For this Christmas dress, I chose It's the Berries Plaid Multi. I just love a good plaid! Maybe it's the Scottish in me? The dress is Violette Field Threads Pepper. I hacked the sleeves to have a little more gathering to give it a more "poofy" look and I also added cuffs to make it into a very classic Christmas dress. I used Confetti Cottons Riley Black as accents with the collar and cuffs.

I finished the back with 8 black buttons all the way down. I also gave the dress a 3" hem. I just love wide hems on dresses!

I have to admit that this dress is doing double-duty for the holiday's and is going to be Paisley's "Cindy Lou Who's" dress for Halloween. We just need to make a cape for her now and of course put her hair up in the iconic "who" hairstyle!
I love when their costumes can be used in every day use!

This year we're planning a "trip" Christmas rather than a "gift" Christmas, so I'm hoping that will also help me stay on top of the Christmas rush!
What's on your holiday list to sew?

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