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Today I'm talking all about Christopher Thompson and his newest line Winifred Rose for Riley Blake Designs. If you don't know who Chris is, you need to check him out! I've gotten to meet him a couple of times and he is such a sweet and amazing guy! He has some of the most adorable designs and seeing pics of his sweet bulldogs always makes me smile!

I know Christmas is just next week, but I'm ready for Spring and the warmer weather! I know I can't complain because it's still quite warm here and my kids have been wearing short sleeved tee's....but....I am not a cold weather person! At all! I think I'm allergic to the cold. And this whole line screams spring as well, so the call of Easter dresses was too strong to ignore!

First off, we have to talk about these darling bunny's! They come in 3 colors: Aqua, Navy, and Pink.
I chose to use Winifred Rose Bunny Aqua because it's my Paisley's favorite color.

I chose the Violette Field Threads Harlow Dress to showcase these sweet bunny's and used Winifred Rose Sketch White for accents on the bodice and for the pockets.
I did steal the pockets from Violette Field Threads Tinsley dress. They're such fun pockets!

I decided to use a visible zipper for the back to add a fun design element.
Seriously though guys, look at those bunny's!

Aren't those pockets just perfect?? Definitely a good size to carry some good candy they get from the Easter Egg hunt!

My Zoe is kind of in that transition phase, where some days she says she is done with dresses, and then other days wants nothing more than to twirl and twirl in them! When she saw this floral print she asked me to make her a dress, and I think anyone with kids this age understand what a big deal it is! So of course I said yes!

I went with Violette Field Threads Tinsley Tween Dress in Winifred Rose Main Navy with the accents in Winifred Rose Sketch Green.
I did hack it and drafted a collar for it. That green just compliments it so perfectly!

We have also finally broke the "bugs in pockets" habit. Not rocks. I still find rocks in every.single.pocket. of this child's clothing. But I can totally deal with rocks. Bugs? No.

I really do adore these pockets! They're just so sweet and fun!

I have to also point out how funny these two are. They're ALMOST Irish Twins and do everything together. Paisley had almost caught up to Zoe in height to, but I realized taking these pics that Zoe must have gotten a growth spurt because she's quite a bit taller than a month ago when we just measured them!

This will probably be my last post before Christmas, so Happy Holiday's everyone!
Make sure to grab some of Winifred Rose to sew up over the school break!

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