Riley Blake Designs - Deep Blue Sea

This is my first blog post of 2020! Already it feels like time is slipping from me far too quickly. The year started with strep throat, so not really the way I was hoping, but definitely with quite the bang! We're all back on our feet again and getting back into the swing of school. I love having my kids home with me, so it was a struggle sending them back, but I can't deny that I'm also tickled pink to have more sewing time!

This is the point of the year that I am usually dying for warmer weather, long sunny days, and to hear the ocean. Since moving to a far more sunny place, I haven't been in such dire need and dreaming of warmer days, but I do still miss the ocean to much! Riley Blake Designs newest line, Deep Blue Sea by Jen Allyson, is calling for summer days with me!

I adore each of these prints. The whales are my favorite, but I also love the little crabs! I'm a Cancer, so they're perfect for me!

After a ridiculous amount of time trying to choose a pattern, I chose to go with the Church Window Quilt Pattern by Lo & Behold Stitchery. I really love how it turned out! 

I made the throw size, but had just enough extra fabric to add one more row at the bottom, so it's slightly bigger. 

This line is perfect for a Nautical theme bedroom and you can also easily grab the star prints and pair them with stripes to get a more patriotic theme.

What print in this line is your favorite?

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