Riley Blake Designs - Charmed

Hey guys! I am still alive and wanting to share this adorable line, Charmed by 
Riley Blake Designs. I just adore all the florals in this line! I've really been digging the big florals lately, but when I saw this Ditzy floral, I couldn't resist it!

This year has been much harder on me than I would have liked. Since January we have had at least one person sick with Flu, Cold, or a Strep virus, and I'm really quite over it. Of course I'm the one sick now. LOL Honestly though, I'm glad it's me and not my kids. 

Especially my sweet Paisley. She has gotten hit the most, so of course I've been trying to lift her spirits and have made her a couple of fun summer dresses. My other girls have stated they are now too "mature" for dresses, and I didn't realize how sad it would make me. So I'm very excited that Paisley is still in love with dresses. 

Little Lizard King just came out with the Carmelo dress and I knew it was the one to make Paisley as soon as I saw it! The second ruffle I know is going to be her favorite part of it.
She's also going to love the exposed zipper in the back!

Charmed is out in stores now and would be just perfect for Easter!
Happy Sewing!!

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