Riley Blake Designs - Hampton Garden

How is everyone's quarantine going? The first two weeks we had a few meltdowns, but since then we've gotten into a pretty good routine. Our biggest struggle has just been getting each kid the internet to finish online school, but we're starting to figure that out more.
I haven't had as much time to sew since kids are home all day, but I've still managed to get some of my projects done! This quilt top from Riley Blake Designs Hampton Garden is my first quarantine quilt and will definitely get a good quilt label to go with it.

When I requested this fabric I had planned to make a couple of dresses for my girls, but I ended up having extra and wanted to make this quilt top too. (I'll be sharing the outfits for the girls later this week!) 
The two prints I chose from this line is Hampton Garden Main in Mint and Hampton Garden Floral Teal. Both are absolutely stunning! I love the larger florals and ditsy florals!

I paired those prints with some Riley Blake basics:  

I went with the Maypole Quilt Pattern. I've seen a few before and have always loved them, although then when I actually thought what the Maypole stands for....
Fertility people. FERTILITY.
I'm done having kiddo's and pandemics are not the time at all to get pregnant, so I'm just going to say I was drawn to this pattern to promote new beginnings? We'll take that spin on it. LOL

I will say I obviously messed up somewhere because I thought I was cutting the fabric to make a throw size quilt...but this quilt is enormous. It's big enough to go on my king size bed. It makes me happy because YAY a quilt for me! I've ordered batting and am thinking of hand quilting it since I'm planning on going for straight lines, but I will probably regret that since it's so big....
I really love all the colors and how it turned out.

What has been your first project you've made during quarantine?


  1. Looks like it will be a darling quilt, and big enough for your king-size bed, that's awesome.
    I love the pattern and the thought of it as new beginnings. Best wishes in your journey!
    I'm a little bummed that my screen is not showing more than the first picture!

    1. So sorry for the late response! Thank you so much! I've updated the post so pictures should be visible now! Thank you for letting me know!


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