Riley Blake Designs - Basics


Anyone that knows me knows that I love stripes! I can't tell you why I love them, just that they're amazing and I do and any chance I get to make a dress out of stripes I will jump at it!

Today I'm talking about Riley Blake Designs basics. Mostly their stripes. They have a variety of stripes in 1/8", 1/4", and 1/2" widths and a multitude of colors.
For my dress today I used 1/8" Stripes in Denim. I really love this shade of blue!

I chose to make the Violette Field Threads Tween Pixie Top & Dress. It gave me the options of having fun with colorblocking without having to do too much hacking.


I did add some seam allowance to the middle and cut out two pieces for the middle front and back rather than cut on the fold so I could do a chevron effect. I ended up making the stripes stagger rather than getting the blue to line up against blue, and it gives it a different effect.


The lining is Riley Blake Designs Basic Confetti Cotton Riley White.

I had a lot of fun working the different angles with the stripes. The middle sections being chevron, the sides horizontal and the skirt vertical and I really love the 1/8"!

What is your favorite Basic?

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