Riley Blake Designs - Woven Wool


My favorite things to sew are all for the fall weather. Pants, coats, sweaters, jeans, etc. They're all so cozy and fun to make! When I saw that Riley Blake Designs was coming out with a full wool collection, I may have jumped up and down a little bit! I've been imaging making all the wool things!

Green is Zoe's favorite color, so I grabbed the Check Green and the Plaid Green. I underestimated how much Zoe has grown though and didn't quite grab enough to make this outfit for her. Paisley was more than thrilled that she got it instead!

I love the weight and drape of this wool. It was a dream to work with and would be perfect for so many different projects!

For the coat, I wanted a pretty simple wool coat, but couldn't find one that fit my vision, so I hacked the Moiano by Straight Grain. I made the front and back pieces one long piece rather than bodice and skirt. I also added a couple of hidden welt pockets in the liner and added a belt.

The pants are the Book Fold Trousers by Made It. Again slightly hacked. This time I added the back pockets to be on the outside and I omitted the side darts and made them one long piece rather than two.
I made the pants out of the Plaid Green. I really love this print and think they match the style of pant quite well.

I did make the pants a little more tailored to fit Paisley. She is such a long and lanky creature.

I love the pockets showing!

It's a good thing that we're having fall temps today!
We'll be back to summer temps tomorrow, but the last couple days were a nice break.
This coat will be perfect for our winters!

Make sure to check out all the Woven Wools by Stacy West! They're seriously amazing!


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