Riley Blake Designs - Glohaven

One of the biggest reasons we bought this house was because of all the fruit tree's it has. I love getting apples, cherries, apricots, pomegranates, and peaches (we also have a pear tree but it still needs to do some growing before it bears any fruit) each summer. This year we didn't get as many peaches as last, but they were quite a bit bigger and tasted sooooo good! 
When I saw Glohaven from Riley Blake Designs had a peach print, we couldn't resist making a peach dress!

This line has 3 different peach prints and since Paisley's favorite color is blue we went with Glohaven Peaches in Blue. It's such a gorgeous and vibrant print!

The dress is Little Lizard King Leiden. I know most of the country is heading into winter, but since we live in the desert our summer season is a bit longer. There's enough room in the bodice to be a tunic if Paisley decides to hit a growth spurt before next summer too, so no matter what it's a great piece to have.

I absolutely adore the colors in this print. The peaches just pop right out at you!

I went with gold snaps to compliment the gold in the peaches. I still want to make a quilt from this line too. It's so lovely. The line is out in stores now.

I hope everyone is loving their fall!


  1. What a darling dress! And I love the barrette! I have a ziploc bag on my sewing table full of that same design for my granddaughter! Have a wonderful day!

    1. Thank you so much! We have a good stash of them too, it's our favorite! I hope you have a wonderful day too! <3


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