Art Gallery Knit Solids

This last year my creativity kind of took a hit with just everything going on, so when Art Gallery Fabrics reached out for me to make something from their new knits, I was ecstatic!  Art Gallery Knits are some of my absolute to sew with. They are so soft and have an amazing drape and weight.
This post is FULL of projects, so make sure to check it all out!
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They did such an amazing job!! 
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The new color palette is so dreamy and really compliments each other.

Mink / Cinnamon / Sienna Brick
Camouflage / Spruce / Mauvelous

I know Quilt Coats have all been the rage recently and I knew I had to choose a project that would combine all these gorgeous colors together!
Now I know you may be thinking, a quilt coat out of knit?? YES! It's really easy to do, although time consuming!
Just make sure you get some knit interfacing (I used Pellon Shape-Flex Woven Interfacing).

Twig & Tale Wild Things Coat had a really good shape and I've made it before, so I knew it would be the perfect base pattern to work with. I then saw Gather by Suzy Quilts and her version of the quilt coat and fell in love with it and knew that was the pattern I wanted to use for this. I hacked the pattern slightly by making the fronts and back all one big piece, so the quilt design wraps around to the front. I also chose a different half square triangle design for the sleeves. To add even more character I used the selvage with all the info about the fabrics on the 1" breaks between the half square triangles, so you get a glimpse of the Art Gallery logo and a cute measuring ruler going around both sides.
Making this coat did take some time. The longest part was ironing on that interfacing! LOL But it really is a must step, so make sure not to skip it when quilting with knits.

One of the downfalls is that I did not add pockets to this coat. I know. I'm a heathen. I was thinking of making the pockets sew on, like the pattern calls for, but then did not want to break up the design so was thinking I could do welt pockets, but realized that the designs were going the opposite ways to do that seamlessly, so no pockets won out.

I used Mink as the base and then alternated the other colors.

I paired this outfit with some jeans I made and then the top is a hacked X-Factor tee from Patterns for Pirates in Mauvelous.
Paisley also made sure to deck herself out in scrunchies and a headband. I'll talk about those later on in the post.

For Jude I made my fave, Titchy Threads Rowan Tee, but hacked it to have some fun colorblocking. The base is Spruce and I added, Mink, Cinnamon, and Camouflage.
I paired the top with Sofilantjes Cessatio Joggers in Sienna Brick.
I love the contrast between the top and pants!
Jude's in love with this outfit and says it's the comfiest ever.

Next I made Zoe and Paisley matching crop tops, due to their request.

This time I didn't change anything on Patterns For Pirates X-Factor Tee. I did alternate the colors though, so both have the Camouflage. Paisley's is paired with Spruce and Zoe's is paired with Mauvelous.
Have I mentioned how much I love how these colors compliment each other? There's really not a pairing I have not liked together!

The last item I made was a summer dress for Paisley.

Sofilantjes Solis Dress has been a favorite since 2016 and had to be part of Paisley's wardrobe this summer too.

The main color is Cinnamon and I used my braided neckband hack with Camouflage, Spruce, and Mink.

To top it off I made my fave headband, the Fish Kiss Extra Wide Knot Headband in every color.
They just all look so good!
And yes, the kids stacked them on top of their dads head during the photoshoot and I couldn't resist! 

I also made Sweet Red Poppy Scrunchies in every color.

Paisley has hairbands and scrunchies on her legs and arms ALL.THE.TIME, so we just added some more choices.

I'm completely smitten with these new colors! They're available in stores now. I really can't say how much I love Art Gallery knits!

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  1. These are all so amazing!!!! I'm blown away by the coat!!

  2. You went all out on that coat!! WOW! All of these makes are gorgeous, as always, Karly!

  3. Wow, these are all amazing! I love your color blocking and patchwork!


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