Cat and Fish Bones Knot Dress with Ruffle bottoms

This outfit was inspired by a pair of Shoes. Yes. A pair of shoes. These shoes to be exact:

When I recieved them in an auction I had won on ebay, I knew I had to make something special to go with them. Well, finding fabric to match turned out pretty difficult. I wanted some that actually had fish bones and well, apparently fish-bone fabric isn't exactly all that popular. :( Anyways, after searching and searching I finally found some. And some oriental cat fabric too that I liked. :D YAY!

The girls like it and have worn it quite often. It's great for making pizza:

Even if you don't like how the pizza turned out:

It's also perfect for running outside in:

Here's a pic of the back and of the pants:

I love knot dresses. They are just so cute and girly. Definately mine and my girls favorite. :D


  1. oh so cute!!! I popped over to check out my competition :o)

    1. Thank you! I'm new to this blogging stuff, but hopefully I can make some good tutorials and figure out how to get it all working. Good luck in Project Run and Play! I'm really excited about it! :D

  2. Ok, those shoes are like the coolest things ever! And your outfit is A.DOR.ABLE! SO cute.

  3. The outfit is a perfect match for those awesome shoes! So cute!


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