Riley Blake Designs - Woven Wool


My favorite things to sew are all for the fall weather. Pants, coats, sweaters, jeans, etc. They're all so cozy and fun to make! When I saw that Riley Blake Designs was coming out with a full wool collection, I may have jumped up and down a little bit! I've been imaging making all the wool things!


Riley Blake Designs - Destinations

Growing up, my family moved a lot. My mother has the soul of a traveler and I love going on adventures. We had plans to go on quite the grand roadtrip this last summer, but that has been postponed and we stayed very close to home (okay we just really literally stayed home). 

Riley Blake Designs line, Destinations, was so much fun to work with and daydream on all the adventures we still have left to go on! 


Riley Blake Designs - Create

With this year I felt I needed a little rainbow happiness sparkled in there, so after getting a fat quarter bundle of Create and seeing a quilt made by Jennie Smith in the Young & Millennial Quilters on Facebook, I just couldn't shake it and had to recreate this quilt for me.


Riley Blake Designs - Basics


Anyone that knows me knows that I love stripes! I can't tell you why I love them, just that they're amazing and I do and any chance I get to make a dress out of stripes I will jump at it!


Riley Blake Designs - Pirate Tales

I am so itching to go on an adventure! Since we're still staying home, we'll have to make up our adventures at home and what better way to do that than with a Pirate dress?
Pirate Tales, one of Riley Blake Designs newest lines, is perfect for that high seas adventure. We get Pirates, loot, sharks, and treasure!


Riley Blake Designs - Merry Little Christmas

It's not quite Christmas in July yet, but I'm gearing up for it with Riley Blake Designs  new line, Merry Little Christmas. It has the cutest little prints and tree's and plaids. It makes it hard not to get into the Christmas sprit right now! 


Riley Blake Designs - Scaredy Cat

Halloween is one of my kids favorite holidays! It could be because my Zoe was going to be born on Halloween, but came a little early, or because my kids love to dress up. Zoe was so upset that she was sick last Halloween and missed out on trick or treating, and she's a little worried about this next Halloween....They have costumes planned and we'll just hope!


Riley Blake Designs - Hampton Garden

How is everyone's quarantine going? The first two weeks we had a few meltdowns, but since then we've gotten into a pretty good routine. Our biggest struggle has just been getting each kid the internet to finish online school, but we're starting to figure that out more.
I haven't had as much time to sew since kids are home all day, but I've still managed to get some of my projects done! This quilt top from Riley Blake Designs Hampton Garden is my first quarantine quilt and will definitely get a good quilt label to go with it.