Suit Up For Summer 2022 - Day 2

Today is day 2 of Suit up for Summer and we have 4 more amazing sewists sharing their swim makes! You will get to see more suits for the whole family AND that swim isn't just for swimsuits! Make sure to check out Raspberry Creek Fabrics over on Instagram too to enter a giveaway!


Suit up for Summer 2022 - Day 1

It's that time of year again!! Suit up for Summer is here and it's filled with amazing sewists with tons of swimsuit inspiration! Raspberry Creek Fabrics also has tons of gorgeous swimsuit and boardshort prints for everyone, so make sure to check all the prints out!


Organic Cotton Plus - Pier 60 Sweater

It's been a while since I've worked with Organic Cotton Plus and I'm over the moon for this sweater I've made using their Naturally Dyed Wool Yarn Worsted Weight! The last sweater I made was all a solid color, but we couldn't pass up making a rainbow one!


A Birthday Fling

It's been quite a while! Right when covid hit, my kids had kind of gone on a kick that they wanted more store bought clothes, rather than mum made. I know this happens to a majority of us in the sewing community, but I still wasn't quite ready for it. You throw in full time homeschooling 5 kiddo's and starting a job, my creativity just took a nose dive. 
I'm still trying to find a balance with it, but starting to come to grips with the fact that, that reality may still be a ways off. 


Art Gallery Sunburst


It's summer time! I love the heat, never feeling like I can get warm enough and I love the little summer fashions! Art Gallery just came out with a new line called Sunburst that is filled with so many amazing summer prints! I'm showing off their knits in this collection and the prints could not be more perfect!


Art Gallery Knit Solids

This last year my creativity kind of took a hit with just everything going on, so when Art Gallery Fabrics reached out for me to make something from their new knits, I was ecstatic!  Art Gallery Knits are some of my absolute to sew with. They are so soft and have an amazing drape and weight.
This post is FULL of projects, so make sure to check it all out!
Then go and check out the other amazing seamstresses that are on this tour!
They did such an amazing job!! 
Sincerely, Shantelle  Replicate Then Deviate  Sew Sophie Lynn  Kainara Stitches


Suit Up For Summer Blog Tour 2021: Day 5

It's the final day of the Suit Up For Summer Blog tour with Raspberry Creek Fabrics!
It never ceases to amaze me how fast this week always goes by!
You can always find all the links to every single blogger at the bottom of each of my posts.