Riley Blake Designs - Dream World

Guys! I literally think this is my FAVORITE quilt EVER! This line is just stunning and I wanted to make sure to do it justice! The line is called Dream World and is by the insanely creative and talented Emily Winfield Martin for Riley Blake Designs. It is just so magical and fun. I'm really wanting to buy the art prints that go along with this line to hang up!


Riley Blake Designs - In The Forest

We're to the very crazy, busy time of the year and I am just that: crazy busy! With school, before school activities, and just life in general I haven't felt like I've been able to have nearly as much sewing time as I'd like. Also, the weather is so amazing right now. I know there are plenty of places that it's freezing, but It's just cooled off from our high summer temps and has been absolutely perfect. So the idea of staying indoors has not been a popular choice right now.


Cricut Easy Press Mini

*This post was sponsored by Cricut and contains affiliate links. All thoughts are my own.

The Cricut Easy Press Mini is the newest little addition to Cricut's world! It's perfect for all your small projects, such as hats, shoes, stuffed animals, etc. It's also the perfect little companion for sewing!


Michael Miller - Little Sewists Brighton Pillow Cover Tutorial

I am so excited about Little Lizard King's first fabric line, Little Sewists for Michael Miller Fabrics. I've loved their patterns for years and a fabric line is just perfect!
I ended up making two things for today's post. First is a peek at my first quilt pattern that I'm working on called Sporadic Snippets, and the second is a tutorial on how to make the Brighton Mini Quilt into a pillow cover.
So lets get started!


Riley Blake Designs - Fossil Rim 2

I have a new baby nephew on the way! It's been quite some time since a baby was born in our family and I'm more than excited to make all the baby things! 
Riley Blake Designs newest line, Fossil Rim 2, is absolutely perfect for a little baby boy!


Michael Miller - Sew Fruity Mini Quilt Tutorial

I just love bright colors and Michael Miller's new line, Sew Fruity, is chalk full of them! They make me happy and I couldn't resist making a pineapple mini quilt wall hanging so I get that little extra happiness whenever I see it in my sewing room wall!


Riley Blake Designs - Under the Canopy

I have been so excited about this line! It's Riley Blake Designs Under the Canopy by Citrus & Mint Designs. It has so many adorable animals: cheeta's, sloths, flamingo's, etc. and I LOVE the colors! I couldn't wait to make a quilt from this line!


Riley Blake Designs - Joey

Joey by Deena Rutter is seriously the sweetest and most adorable line! If I was ever to have another baby, this line would dictate that babies entire room. Since there will be no more babies for me, I chose to make a twin size quilt. I just love the colors and we're talking about Koalas and Sloths here. It just doesn't get cuter than that!


Michael Miller - Travel Mini Backpack

Today I get to share my mini Travel backpack made in Michael Miller Fabrics new line Travel Daze! As a kid, we moved a LOT. I'm 35 and I've moved 32 times in my life, just to give you an idea. I love seeing new places and meeting new people. While you're travelling, it's always nice to have the perfect bag to take with you!


Riley Blake Designs - Fairy Edith

My girls absolutely love Faeries. Everything about them. So when I saw this line,  Fairy Edith by Riley Blake Designs, I knew it would be a big hit with them. And since it was going to be something they'd all love, I knew it had to become a quilt!