Snowy Owl Customs DC vs Marvel

We're pretty big on comics over here. My kiddo that is highly dyslexic finds them so much easier to read than regular books and they all love the stories! So they've been ecstatic about Snowy Owl Custom Fabrics DC vs Marvel round, which is still open for preorder until tonight (7-11)!


Riley Blake Designs - Sweet Melody

I feel like summer has just begun, I blinked and now it's suddenly more than half over! You know it's a good summer when time is flying so fast! Now with school just around the corner, I'm realizing I need to get a move on with my kids wardrobes. 
Paisley has requested all dresses and skirts for school and I thought this dress was the perfect one to start off with!


Riley Blake Designs - Sew Retro

Today I'm sharing a sweet summer dress out of Riley Blake Designs line, Sew Retro by Sara Davies. It's kind of funny because when I was making this dress I kept getting idea's of the dresses my mum wore as a child growing up in England. I kept thinking it was because she grew up in the 60's and 70's which is where my mind goes to when I think "retro", but come to find out, Sara Davies is from England too! I've only been to England twice, but I'm totally set when I do go because of all the family I have out there!


Riley Blake Designs - Joey

Joey by Deena Rutter is seriously the sweetest and most adorable line! If I was ever to have another baby, this line would dictate that babies entire room. Since there will be no more babies for me, I chose to make a twin size quilt. I just love the colors and we're talking about Koalas and Sloths here. It just doesn't get cuter than that!


Michael Miller - Travel Mini Backpack

Today I get to share my mini Travel backpack made in Michael Miller Fabrics new line Travel Daze! As a kid, we moved a LOT. I'm 35 and I've moved 32 times in my life, just to give you an idea. I love seeing new places and meeting new people. While you're travelling, it's always nice to have the perfect bag to take with you!


Riley Blake Designs - Honey Run

The last month of school has been so crazy busy. With last minute school performances, field trips, and play practices, I can honestly say that summer break couldn't come soon enough! And now that it's here we had to make a picnic dress out of Riley Blake Designs Honey Run by Jill Finley!


Riley Blake Designs - Gem Stones

I'm sure anyone with a tween knows how hard it is to find patterns that work with their style. My Aevs has already told me she's way over dresses, but I am so glad these two still love to wear them! Although I myself don't like to wear dresses either (I was always in a tree as a kid!) I absolutely love how feminine and sweet they are! The Gem Stone line by Riley Blake Designs is such a fun line to give a bigger impact to a simple dress!


Riley Blake Designs - Fairy Edith

My girls absolutely love Faeries. Everything about them. So when I saw this line,  Fairy Edith by Riley Blake Designs, I knew it would be a big hit with them. And since it was going to be something they'd all love, I knew it had to become a quilt! 


Riley Blake Designs - Nautical

My goal for this year has been to work on my quilting skills and I love that I can use those skills in my kids clothing! I've found that I love Foundation Paper Piecing and have been excited to do more with it. Riley Blake Designs just came out with their Nautical line and I knew an FPP boat would be the perfect block to work on.


Riley Blake Designs - Sweet Baby Girl

Spring used to be my uncontested favorite season ever. I'm now more of a Fall girl, but spring still holds a place in my heart. I love hearing the world come back out of it's deep sleep and seeing something I swore was dead, suddenly jump back to life. It's a pretty magical time of the year!
And of course, one of my favorite things about Spring is jumping back into sewing fun warmer weather clothes!