Cricut Easy Press Mini

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The Cricut Easy Press Mini is the newest little addition to Cricut's world! It's perfect for all your small projects, such as hats, shoes, stuffed animals, etc. It's also the perfect little companion for sewing!


Michael Miller - Little Sewists Brighton Pillow Cover Tutorial

I am so excited about Little Lizard King's first fabric line, Little Sewists for Michael Miller Fabrics. I've loved their patterns for years and a fabric line is just perfect!
I ended up making two things for today's post. First is a peek at my first quilt pattern that I'm working on called Sporadic Snippets, and the second is a tutorial on how to make the Brighton Mini Quilt into a pillow cover.
So lets get started!


Riley Blake Designs - Fossil Rim 2

I have a new baby nephew on the way! It's been quite some time since a baby was born in our family and I'm more than excited to make all the baby things! 
Riley Blake Designs newest line, Fossil Rim 2, is absolutely perfect for a little baby boy!


Riley Blake Designs - It's the Berries

I know I sound like a broken record, but I really can't believe how fast time is flying by. Each year feels like it goes by a little faster than the last. We only have 11 days of Summer truly left and the crazy part of the year is just a blink of an eye away.
No matter my attempts at trying to beat the holiday rush I always seem to get caught up in it. That doesn't stop me from continuing to try every year to stay on top of things though!

Which brings us to today's post! It's the Berries by Riley Blake Designs is out in stores and it is the PERFECT holiday line!


Riley Blake Designs - National Parks

When I was little we moved a LOT. I've actually moved over 30 times in my life and I'm in my 30's....so if that says anything. One of my favorite things about moving was seeing our country! I have so many fond memories of the Redwoods to Mesa Verde to the ocean. I haven't been able to go on many road trips with my kids, but we do live in the mountains and we love going on hikes and making trips to the lakes by us! I have a great love for our National Parks and love that Riley Blake made a line showcasing them!


Back to School Tour Day 7

What a week! Did your kids wear me-made all week, a mix, or no me-made at all? Mine was definitely a mix! Are you still sewing your kids school clothes or did you get it all finished before school started? If you're still sewing, make sure to check out all the bloggers this week to get a lot of great inspiration for back to school outfits!


Back to School Tour Day 6

How was your first week back to school?? Ours went really smoothly! No one was late, everyone arrived at school fully clothed and hair done and with everything in their backpacks! It was a definite win. That ended after school yesterday when Aevs took a spill on her longboard and we spent the next few hours at the dentist and then at the doctors (send all the good vibes you can that her tooth is okay!), and she will for sure be staying home all next week, but that happened AFTER school, so I'm not counting it in our amazing first week back!
Anything eventful happen your first week back?


Back to School Tour Day 5

Can you believe it's Friday?! My kids are wrapping up their first week of school and they're really loving it! Reading has always been one of the hardest things to get my kids to do and my Paisley has already read 3 chapter books this week! The new year is seeming to bring new changes and I'm so excited for them! Did your kids start school this week?


Michael Miller - Sew Fruity Mini Quilt Tutorial

I just love bright colors and Michael Miller's new line, Sew Fruity, is chalk full of them! They make me happy and I couldn't resist making a pineapple mini quilt wall hanging so I get that little extra happiness whenever I see it in my sewing room wall!

Back to School Blog Tour Day 4

We're on to day 4 of the Back to School tour and I am loving all these looks! Have you started sewing back to school clothes yet? What is your plan? I love making capsules for my kids, but their likes are so broad, that that usually fails! LOL I'll still be trying to make a few pieces for my kids and we'll see how it goes!