PR&P Cherry Chambray Change-up


Whoo! It's been two months since I touched my sewing machine and a Project Run & Play challenge is just the thing to get me out of my sewing funk. 


365 Project

This year I really do plan to do the 365 day challenge. I love taking pictures and one of my goals this year is to become better with photography. Here's a link to my photo blog if you would like to follow along!
Snippets of Chaos


Shake It Off!

Sometimes life doesn't go as expected. At the beginning of last year, I thought 2014 was going to be an amazing year. In many ways it was, but it was also a very hard year for me.
I've lost some people I thought were friends, was in an accident that totaled our car and had some not so fun health issues.
Let's just say I'm more than happy to say goodbye to 2014 and start a brand new year!

So we're going to start off this year with some fun. I'm sure everyone has heard Taylor Swifts amazing song, "Shake It Off" and it could not be a better song to say adieu to 2014!


A New Year

I hope everyone's holiday season was amazing!
We got to see lots of family and our Christmas day was perfect. I then went down and got to spend almost a week with one of my most amazing friends for New Years. Although we basically had 2 year old twins, a set of triplets and the oldest sibling that got to just deal with it between us, the kids did amazing. There were a few small meltdowns and a toilet that was plugged for a day, but really, we are talking small fry stuff here. I just got back last night and already wishing my friend just lived next door. 
Ah well, one day!


A Giving Christmas with Stitched By Crystal

Hi there! I am Crystal, you can usually find me over at Stitched by Crystal, but I am thrilled to be here today joining in on the A Giving Christmas series and sharing a fun craft your kids can make and give! 
In our family, we give a lot of Christmas ornaments.  Everyone in the family gets a new ornament to add to the tree each year.  So I thought it would be fun to have my kids get in the giving spirit by making ornaments to give to others.  My kids are young, 2 and 4, so I needed something toddler friendly, something without a lot of cutting and sewing involved.  These little sock snowmen certainly fit the bill! And they were fun to make together, they are so easy even my youngest could join in!


A Giving Christmas with Rebel & Malice

Today Rebel & Malice are on tour with a lovely way to teach kids about giving. 
I love how it also keeps toys being recycled!! 


A Giving Christmas with Handmade Boy

Hi everybody! I'm Kelly from Handmade Boy and I'm here to share how my daughters and I made quick and EASY scarves for their friends this Christmas.

And I admit, they kept a couple for themselves, also. Hey, when they are this easy, why not make one for yourself?! You'll have extra yarn anyway.


A Giving Christmas with Call Ajaire

Today you can head over to Call Ajaire to get the recipe for some fun bird feeders and hear how it turns out..........


A Giving Christmas with Scientific Seamstress

Today Jeanine from Scientific Seamstress is sharing this adorable Bear Plush toy pattern.
I adore Jeanine and Carla and if you are needing more persuasion to love them as much as I do, then you should follow this along with checking out the bear.
You know you'll love it!