On a Serious Note...

School started a month ago and it has been a real struggle. My kids are big on sleep and them waking up early every day is taking a toll. I was hoping by now they'd be used to it, but they never get it used to it. They love their sleep.
I know I've stated before that my oldest, Gavin, is Autistic. He started Middle School this year and so far, it has been hard. He has a very hard time focusing and he see's things very black and white. So if a kid butts in front in the lunch line, he really struggles with it being okay. 
He really doesn't have any friends and has been coming home very sad. He gets a print out of his grades every day and he stresses if he doesn't have an A in all classes. Most kids, even if they DID want an A, would be able to turn it around and work at it. Gavin can't stop focusing enough on it to actually do the work that needs to be done. Can we also state that he's a boy and even with the binder and folders to help him keep track of homework, he's totally disorganized? What 11 year old boy is organized though?

Anyways, my point on this is that my life is absolute chaos at the moment. I am at a constant go and I'm really considering homeschooling. I wont be posting much for a while, but know that I am still working behind the scenes on my patterns. The Anise Blazer being the one I'm currently working on.

My email is paisleyroots@gmail.com. Don't hesitate to send out a line!


Tinley Tee & Love me Knot Tour

When Chelsea from GYCT Designs had the sign ups for this tour, I jumped at it! I'm a very practical sewer and I love how basic and versatile these patterns are!


All Spice Release

I made my very first All Spice almost 1 year ago (short by a week!) and I am so incredibly excited about it's release!!


Sewing For Kindergarten

Today we're kicking off Sewing Like Mad's Sewing for Kindergarten series!
I have a giveaway too, so make sure you read to the end!


Mystery Challenge - Classic Summer Movies

Today I'm joining the August Mystery Challenge blog tour. All of the participants were paired up and given someone to challenge with a theme. 
My challenge is "Classic Summer Movies".

Any guess to what my movie choice was???


Boy Bundle: SS Field Research Pants

I am so excited about this post! 
One, because it's BOY sewing! 
Two, because these pants are some of the most coolest things and a must have in your sewing stash. 
Three, cause I don't get to spot light this kid often and I'm so glad I get too today!

I'm part of the Bundle Up Blog Tour and I just love the idea of a bundle completely centered around the boys. The song "Let's Hear It for the Boy" keeps running through my head every time I think of this bundle.
Perfect is it not?


Reverse Applique Tutorial

It's not a secret that I love to sew with knit. It's comfy and awesome and most importantly it's "practical". I have never met a kid that hates knit fabric, but I have met many who wont wear anything else! 
So today I'm sharing my personal review about knit from Girl Charlee as well as share my Reverse Applique Tutorial.


Fabric Flower Hair Bow Tutorial

Today I'm guest blogging over at Maybe She Made It with my Fabric Flower Hairbow Tutorial.
Go check it out!