Mandy K Designs: SNOW WHITE

One of the things I have not completely delved into yet is sewing costumes. I love sewing practical clothing and well, costumes don't exactly fit into that category. But truth be told, I think I have been far more worried about cost of making a costume just to have it be something that doesn't get much wear or that I massively screw up. It's really time I gave up that irrational fear though, so when Mandy K Designs asked for people to be on her blog tour, I really did jump on the chance. 


Freshly Picked Mocc's GIVEAWAY

This week is a great week to have a Giveaway! And what better thing to give away than a favorite pair of shoes?? 


A Little Fun

It's October, which means Halloween. So to have some fun I've teamed up with Stitch Art and Sewing Stadium. Make sure to check out Sewing Stadium on Saturday for all the juicy details!


Teach the one 2 Sew

When I was a kid, there were many things I wanted to be. A rock-star, groupie, Architect, Astrologist, and lastly, a Teacher. I love to teach and share what I know. To me it's part of being human and giving back to the world for having to put up with me. ;) 


Anything Goes Friday

I know, I know. I've been completely slacking with this. Life has been CRAZY busy, but really, who hasn't? Lets see what everyone's been up to!


Sewing For Kindergarten 2015

 Last year I kicked off Sewing Like Mad's Sewing For Kindergarten Series, and this year I'm bringing it to an end. I've absolutely loved going and seeing all the other posts. So many lovely outfits and stories for these children starting school. I've also found out that some homeschool like us! So when you're finished reading, you should go check them all out!


Sew Ready to Play

Today I'm "Sew Ready to Play" with Louise over at I'm Feelin' Crafty! This series is so fun and I had a blast joining in last year.
Louise is rather awesome herself and I love seeing her posts on all the adventures she has with her son. She competed with me on Project Run & Play and I've been a fan of hers ever since!
Head over to see our Pacman hoodie and check out all the other awesome gaming posts!


Sew N Style

Today I'm pleased to be a part of  Sew N Style's Wardrobe Series. 
The point is to make a 3 piece collection using Lil Luxe Patterns, while keeping in mind our childs designs and aesthetics. 
My kids are very involved with what I sew, so that part was really easy for me.


Back To School Capsule

I love making my kids clothes and I try to make the majority of them. Since the weather is about to change, I jumped on board with the Back to School sewing.
My kids are homeschooled, but they still need awesome clothes!
There's also a giveaway, so make sure to head over to Rebel & Malice after reading!