Day of the Dead

This last week has been a hard one. Even when a death is expected, nothing can really prepare you for that imminent finalization that that person is gone and that you will never see them again.
We lost our Grandmother Evelyn this past week. She was 92 years old and she was quite the character and an absolutely amazing woman. Her funeral was on Friday. Gavin brought his clarinet to play her a song. He only knows "Mary Had a Little Lamb" but he played it beautifully.


Womens Aviators - Cozy Style

Today I am part of Suzanne Winters Aviator Pants Tour
I know I went super simple, but with my legs, lounge pants are downright impossible to find in my length. 
I couldn't resist!


Rowan Tee by Titchy Threads


 If you don't know my love for Titchy Threads patterns yet, then I can tell you now how much I adore her patterns.
The Small Fry Skinny's are a staple in our wardrobes and the Rowan Tee will be another. 


Family Pictures

The last time we had family pictures taken was right after Jude was born and that was me handing my sister my camera and us spending about an hour trying very hard to get all the kids to look at her. Before that, we always did In-studio pictures at Kiddie Kandids. This is the first time we have ever had family pictures taken by an actual professional photographer and I am THRILLED.


Masquerade Ball - Easy Totoro Costume

I love Halloween! I adore making one-of-a-kind costumes for my kids and I am very excited to be along for the Masquerade Ball showing our Totoro costume.


Blog Hop!

I was asked by the lovely Kelly from Handmade Boy to join this blog hop....and I'm late. So I am really sorry Kelly!! Better late than never though right??


Tobago Twist: Tutorial

I know this has been a while in coming! Life is crazy (if the pictures are any indication) but I finally got the tutorial finished!
I used a chambray denim for this and can you see the ombre dye effect I did? I promise it's there!


Project Run & Play: Denim Week

It's Denim week over on Project Run & Play. I had a lot of ideas but finally settled for this for Jude.