Rainbow Brite

Are you excited for Thanksgiving? You have family and food and the sales are always super killer and this year is no different. Mostly because, well, Sugar Ink knows how to pull on those nostalgic heartstrings and give us something to spend our money on, because of course we would! 


Japanese Sewing Week

One of the main places I want to go on my world trip is Japan. I love the culture and language and I adore their styles. So of course I was ecstatic when Sara started the Japanese Sewing group and even more so when she chose to have a Japanese Sewing Week!


Momma Quail Pattern Tour

Today we're joining the Momma Quail Pattern Tour!
 Zoe & Paisley have each gotten a few items made out of this awesome Art Gallery Paporounes Crimson knit fabric that I bought from Phat Quarters, so it was time for Aevs to get some of it's awesomeness too!


Swoodson Says Blog Tour

Today I'm back to kid sewing with Swoodson Says Blog Tour
She has some really adorable toy patterns in her shop and ever since the Little Collector Backpack came out in One Thimble I have had my eye on it. So I feel it was slightly serendipitous for me to be on tour.


Date Night In

"Oh the weather outside is frightful (it actually has been) but the fake fire is so delightful, and since we can't really pay for a date at all, lets stay in and let it fall, let it fall."
I really don't have much experience going on "out" dates. I mean, we do have a LITTLE experience sending some poor teenagers into the psych ward and a childless life after babysitting our children. One day we said enough was enough. We've evened out the world overpopulation problem a bit. Done our world civil duty, and that was it. Date night outs are an endangered species here now. But date nights IN?? We have that one down.


A Hoodie for Fun

If you have been to my "Sewing Girls" page, you will notice it's just a tiny bit uneven. I try to make sure all my kids get a good amount of sewn stuff, but sometimes life happens and well, some get more than the others. Anyways, it was time to fix that.


Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone! We had a blast last night carving our pumpkins (rather than painting them) and are so ready for Trick-or-treating!


M is for Moto Joggers Blog Tour

I know it's early to even be thinking about New Years, but next year I really plan to make more for myself and I'm so glad that Hatchling Patterns asked me to participate in their new M is for Moto Joggers pants tour to give me a head start on that goal!


Orbit Pocket Tutorial

So I made myself a Studio Ghibli Hoodie and I got asked how I hacked the pattern to make my pockets. I wing a lot of things, so this will not be completely precise, but it gets the job done and I do have the size 6 (children) pocket and pocket facing pattern at the end of the post.