Love Notions Celebration

Love Notions just hit 10k fans on Facebook! So of course that calls for a spectacular celebration! 
There's tons of giveaways and a huge sale going on, so make sure you head over to the group and join in the fun!


Sash Fabrics Round 30 Preorder

I love custom knit fabric and I'm so excited about these prints that just opened up at Sash Fabrics! Make sure you don't miss out on the preorder!

Curating Community - October 2016

How is everyone's Fall going? Are you neck-deep in Halloween sewing or sewing for fun? Anyone starting on Christmas?

Whatever you're making, come link up! I'd love to see everyone's projects!!


Twig + Tale Rebrand Blog Tour

I'm so excited to be part of Twig & Tale's Rebranding Blog Tour today! I'm determined to #sewallthecoats this year and the Wild Things Coat is so stinking cute! How could you say no to those little ears???


Christmas with Modes 4 U

I know we are in October and everyone's posting about Halloween costumes, but do you realize how many days that leaves us until Christmas???
76 days. That's it. 76.
So if you haven't started thinking about Christmas yet, now is the ideal time to do it!


Patternless Sewing MODstyle: A Book Review

I love books. When I was a kid, my favorite princess (besides Ariel) was Belle. I'm insanely jealous of her library and it is always something I will dream of having. So, I was very thrilled to add Patty Young's Patternless Sewing Mod Style to my little handful of sewing books!


Nah-Connection Shop Opening

I cannot tell you how excited I've been for this day! I've been a long time lover of European patterns and when Annika said she was going to start working with designers to translate patterns, I did a very, very happy dance and I'm over the moon excited to be part of her Ambassador team!


Sash Fabrics - Painted Princess

 We have not made enough Kite Fold Tee's by Made It Patterns this year. So I figured I needed to rectify that problem. What better way to start it off than with a custom Princess knit?? My girls were literally fighting over this print from Sash Fabrics, and Paisley won out.


Signature Style

I can't believe how fast the weeks have been going by! It's Signature Style Week all ready over on Project Run & Play and of course I had to make a look!


Halloween Bag-a-palooza

October brings some of the most amazing parts of the year. Fall, changing of the leaves. Cooler weather to be able to wear our beloved hoodies & boots. And best of all? Halloween! We love the costumes, pumpkin paintings, the yummy smells and the best yet, Candy!
So today I'm joining the Halloween Bag-a-palooza with a free tote pattern!