Batman Dress Save with Cricut Iron On

My kids are pretty well rounded, with dress ups and mud pits, dolls and action figures. Zoe LOVES Batman, but she also still loves poofy dresses too. I think the Lego Batman movie may have had something to do with the Batman obsession....
She does the "batman" voice ALL.THE.TIME (thank you Christain Bale for that!) Seriously though. It is the funniest thing hearing her talk as Batman.


Simplicity Boxer Shorts to Board Shorts Using Cricut Maker

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We have been full on summer since the end of March and I have been LOVING it! Moving to a place where it's warm almost all year long has been amazing, but our wardrobes were not adequately prepared for the weather change. So of course that has meant lots of sewing up new swimsuits and boardshorts!

Patriotic Vibes

I'm so loving the monthly sew along with Made for Little Gents! This months theme is "Patriotic" and I couldn't resist using my Cricut Maker for this little dudes shirt!


Sewing Blue

Things have been pretty hectic the last few months half year....and sadly it's resulted in me not being able to sew nearly as much as I'd like! But since we are completely in summer weather, this little guy (okay, not so little anymore!) is definitely needing some new clothes.
Sunni from Made For Little Gents is starting a monthly blog tour all about sewing for our little guys and I couldn't miss out. It also gave me that little extra push I needed to make sure I made time for one of my favorite things - sewing!


Cricut Star Wars

Cricut just came out with Star Wars images to purchase and we've been having a little too much fun with them! The kids needed some more t-shirts and they loved the idea of Star Wars ones!


Go To Jacket

Oh my goodness! I can't believe I didn't blog about this before. It's so rare that this child lets me sew for him at all, but recently he has been requesting more things (mostly now because I have a Cricut Maker and he has many requests!) so hopefully that means you'll be seeing more of this bean pole!


Sea Ponies Friday Hack

This last week I've gone through all of my kids clothes, putting away all their winter clothing and keeping out anything I can that's summery. Of course the monsters all had to grow though, so besides Paisley, the rest really didn't have any summer clothes.
That just means I get to get my butt in gear sewing up the rest of these left over "40 t-shirts" that I cut out like two months ago? I made a total of 5 of them, but I did make sure to keep note of where the other 35 were put and I have them all ready to sew up.
So what do I do?? Completely ignore that pile and cut out a button up for Jude. LOL I just love button ups on my boys. Can you blame me though??


Ombre Ponies

I hope you're not sick of swimsuits yet because they're going to be a pretty big staple in our wardrobes from here on out! 
I've been loving making them too. They're pretty quick to whip up!


Cricut SportFlex Iron On

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Cricut has just come out with the new Sportflex Iron-on specifically for fabrics like Nylon and Polyester and although it's not quite recommended for swimsuits, I kind of had to be a rebel and ask if I could try it out on some!
I will be making an update post later on in the summer to say how well they held up, but I am very optimistic they are going to be amazing!


I Need Space

This post was sponsored by Cricut but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

I've been so excited for this season of Project Run & Play to start up again! Of course it started right as I was moving (yes again. Only the second move in 3 months, but who doesn't love moving??) and I've been sad to miss out sewing for the last two themes. BUT. When I found out we were moving towards warm weather (we may have found out only about a week before moving the WHERE) I had to start up swimsuits!