Halloween Sewing & Craft Party - So Franken Cute

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I love when fall rolls around! This year is different then most because we're somewhere still very hot, where we're used to it being sweater and jacket weather by now. I'm absolutely loving it though and you can still SMELL the fall in the air. You can't fool me 100 degree weather! I know fall is still here!



I feel pretty on top of my game this year! I got quite a bit of Halloween sewing done and now I'm on to Christmas! Okay, it may just be that I'm getting to sew up so many amazing strike offs! These strike offs are Bashmas by Snowy Owl Custom Fabrics and we're in love with them!


Sewing Blue Blog Tours - Back to School Edition

Sewing Blue Blog Tours theme this month is "Back to School", which of course is perfect! Since we just moved to the area, the kids all decided to go to school to make friends so I've been working on their school clothes.


Llama Face

This little guy is such a nut. He's a sweetheart and a real gentleman, but man he makes me laugh as well! When I got this Llama fabric, this kiddo didn't even give me a chance to get it out of the package before screaming, "LLAMAS!!!!" and claiming it for himself. I have to say, I'm pretty sure Llama's are his spirit animal.


Riley Blake Throw Kit Using Cricut Maker - Sewing

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I think I mentioned last month that the last quilt I made before getting the Cricut Maker was 7 years ago. Almost 8! This quilt is my 4th since last year! Sure, a couple of them still need to be quilted (Hexi Quilt, Neverland Quilt) but that is huge! Especially since we've been moving so much this year and the fact that I'm still sewing most of my kids wardrobes.

Riley Blake Designs Haunted House

Can you believe that Halloween is just around the corner?? Halloween is one of our favorite holidays. This year will be even better since the weather will still be all nice and warm, so my kids wont have to worry about a costume that has to have warmth to it, either by basically being a snow suit, or having to put a coat on over it. I really need to get started on those costumes....


Pirates Life with Riley Blake Designs 2

In case I didn't mention it, my kids have been in plays all summer long and two of them were Peter Pan. One was a 3 day camp, and the next was the full blown, audition/practice/perform that was a month long. We had a blast and these kids fell in absolute love with Neverland.
This girls role was Noodler the Pirate and she loved every second of it!

Riley Blake It's a Pirates Life

I swear each year is going by just a little faster than the last and we're already to back to school!
My kids all start next week, and although I'm still going to be homeschooling my oldest mostly, he is taking enough electives that he'll be at the school enough that I'm really not sure what I'll be doing with my new found quietness.
Okay, I may have a FEW idea's what I'll be filling it with (mostly sewing), but I'm really not ready for summer 2018 to be over!


10+ Ways to Decorate a Girls Room Using the Cricut Maker

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One of the items on my "to-do" list is to make sure that I would really decorate my kids rooms in the new house. We've kind of lived like college students with a mish-mash of things and nothing that is really decorated. That had to change and I've been so excited with how many projects I've been able to make using the Cricut Maker!


Riley Blake Throw Kit Using Cricut Maker - Cutting

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I really can't express how much the Cricut Maker* has been a life saver when it comes to making quilts. Besides the actual "quilting", cutting was my biggest reason I stopped making quilts. Cutting by hand takes so much time and I could never get the squares completely squared, which resulted in "wonky" squares. I'm WAY to OCD when it comes to quilts, so I just stopped making them.
To give you a better idea of how big of a life changer this has been, this is my 4th quilt since getting the Maker. 4 quilts in a year people. When I haven't made quilts in 5 years, 4 in one is crazy!
Are they "quilted" you ask????
ummmm….I plead the 5th there. One thing at a time okay!