Kids Clothes Week - Winter 2017

This month has for sure been a busy one! For starters, we're homeschooling our oldest again. Then, Paisley decided to jump off the bunk bed and broke her elbow. Luckily she just broke off the very tip and it hadn't moved, so hopefully when we get the cast off tomorrow it will have healed up perfectly and there wont be any need for surgery!
Of course I had to make her a sweet dress for the occasion and I am so excited that Kid's Clothes Week is this week too!


Monaluna - Simple Life

Last year at Quilt Market I was able to meet Jennifer from Monaluna. She is such a wonderful person and I just adore her fabrics and designs, so of course I jumped on joining her Simple Life tour!



I'm so excited to be kicking off the Goldilocks blog tour!
Goldilocks is by Riley Blakes newest designer, Jill Howarth. She has some of the most whimsical and adorable designs. So make sure to check out her website along with her first line - Available now in stores!


Blithe Tour

I'm ecstatic to be on Katarina Roccella's Blithe blog tour! I've always been very drawn to all of her designs. There's just something magical about them. Blithe is no different. The soft colors and sweet designs in this line are perfect. 


One Thimble #113

 I am so excited for the release of One Thimble Issue 14!
This whole issue is amazing and I cannot wait to make all the other patterns in it! 
I couldn't resist starting with pattern #113 by Thread Faction.
*This post contains affiliate links.


Boy's Can Wear Pink 3

I can't believe this is the third season of Boy's Can Wear Pink!
Jude's favorite color is pink and he loves all the pink clothing I make him.


Here Comes The Fun Friday

Hello 2017!!!!
I know I took the whole month off from posting but it has not been a slow month. I've been doing a lot of things behind the scenes and 2017 is definitely going to be a crazy year!
What can you find me doing this year?


Pepper Doll Pattern

I'm over at Crazy Little Projects with my first contributor post!! Head over to get the Pepper Doll Pattern & Tutorial!


Simple Simon By Popular Demand

I have been a huge fan of Simple Simon for years. Project Run & Play is what started me blogging and I am so excited for all the amazing things Elizabeth and LiZ have going on! One of which is their new fabric line, By Popular Demand!


Plaids & Boots Tour

One of my favorite things to do as a family is have a bonfire and roast marshmallows. It was just fate that Laela Jeyne was hosting a Plaid & Boots Tour with one of the themes being "Game Night/Bonfire".  She also has some amazing patterns and I couldn't wait to make them!