STYLO Fruity Swimmers COSI

When I was told the theme for STYLO, the very first thought I had was to make a pineapple swim suit. Of course I couldn't stop with just one fruit! 
Last year I tested the Cosi Swimsuit from Sew Pony Vintage. It has so many options and it's a lot of fun making the kids their own special swimsuits.



STYLO: Raspberry Lemonade SALLY

Today I am going to talk about the Sally Dress from Scientific Seamstress/Sisboom. It's not out yet, but plans to release in June! You can join their Facebook group of awesomeness to get first knowledge of when it does release.


STYLO: Raspberry Lemonade ALL SPICE

I have been so incredibly excited and honored to be a part of this issue of STYLO Magazine
After hearing what the theme was and which category I would be in, I got to work on Pinterest and made myself a board....or two....okay fine, it was three inspiration boards! 
The theme is: High Fructose and I was in the FRUIT group. Since I had quite a bit of time and many, many, many idea's, I chose to just work on them all. 


STYLO Issue 4: High Fructose

It's here!!!! 

I have been soooo excited to share all of my looks that I made for STYLO
I had way too many idea's and it has been soooo hard keeping these all secret! 

I also want to say a huge thank you to all of my fabric sponsors:
Micheal Levine (use the code: STYLO4 for 10% off your purchase!)
And JoyFolie for sponsoring the Avery shoes in Seaglass.
I'll be highlighting each outfit over the next few weeks so stay tuned.
In the meantime go and check out this awesome issue!!


Project Run & Play May Challenge

Two challenges are far too many to miss out on for Project Run & Play. Being as crazy as I am, I took a break from sewing clothes for a local fair to make this summer dress for Zoe. My girls have told me that all they want to wear this summer are dresses and that makes it pretty easy for me!


KCW Day 5

Day 5 of Kids Clothing Week. 
Sewing is going much slower then I like and I have been stopped a bit since my interfacing seems to have run off, but I'm still getting things done!


KCW Day 3

When I asked Zoe what kind of shirt she wanted she said, "Totoro!". So we looked online for different pictures. This is the one she chose! I asked her what color she wanted her Totoro and she replied, "RAINBOW!" So, there you have it! Her Rainbow Totoro shirt!


KCW Day 2

Today hasn't been quite as productive as yesterday, but I did finish these little Brindille & Twig Retro Shorts for Zoe.
I deviated from the pattern by using 3/8" seam allowance instead of 1/4", making the waistband smaller and adding eyelets to it. Can't wait to finish the shirt to go with!