Women's Ollie Bomber Jacket

I'm going to be on a small "me" kick for a little bit. When I went to the Cricut Make-a-thon I made all my shirts and a pair of leggings (which I didn't end up wearing there but will be sharing!) that I wore there and now I really need to share them all on the blog!
But first up is this awesome Women's Ollie Bomber Jacket!


Free Lemon Grass Tank Top

My girls favorite things to wear are Tank Tops. They wear them during the summer. They wear them under shirts during winter, and they love wearing them as pj's to bed. So I figured it's about time I made a pattern for them! Also since my girls are all getting older, this pattern is for the older girls!!
You can grab the pattern and tutorial over at Crazy Little Projects!


Cricut Iron On Vinyl

This is a sponsored post paid by Cricut, but all thoughts and opinions are my own! <3

A vinyl cutting machine has been on my list FOREVER so I could make graphic tee's and add vinyl logo's and labels to my clothing. You can imagine my excitement when asked to participate on this tour and it was even crazier when my package came in the mail!


4th of July Ollie Bomber Jacket

Summer has been in full swing for a little bit now, so of course it's time to start thinking of Fall!
I've been dying to make the Ollie Bomber Jackie by Sew a Little Seam since it came out so I bumped it to first on my list to make for the upcoming colder months.


Riley Blake Designs: Sharktown

It's my stop on the Sharktown tour with Riley Blake Designs! This line is so much fun and perfect for the summer. I also love that you can use every single one of these prints for boys!
I'm not against using floral for my boys at all, but I know most people don't share that love, so it's nice when you get a whole line to work with!


Friendship Bracelet Tutorial

I'm over at Crazy Little Projects with a great scrapbuster project and one you can easily get your kids involved with! My daughters have been loving making these bracelets and giving them to all their friends!


Genius Vivienne

Ever since the Vivienne by Made For Mermaids came out, I have been dying to make it! The color-blocking is so fun and it's such a sweet design! It's also perfect for using panels for!


Be The Good In Our World

School is finally out and our summer weather has just started to come around. I have been sooo excited about summer sewing! I know it's something I could have started on a while ago, but with how fast my kid's grow, it's safer to start once the season hits rather than hope they still fit in whatever I've made before hand.


St. Jude Fighter Tee

I am so excited that Kelly, from Handmade Boy, asked me to be on her St. Jude Fighter Tee tour. My youngest, Jude, is partly named after St. Jude. (The other part is because of the Beatles song, Hey Jude.) I love everything this tour stands for and I am so honored to be a part of it!


Suit Up For Summer Blog Tour Day 5

Today's the final day of the Suit up For Summer tour. I can't believe how fast this week flew by! If you're only just checking us out, make sure to head out all the bloggers on tour with Sew Sophie Lynn and I to get tons of inspiration for swim patterns for the whole family!