Riley Blake Designs - Under the Canopy

I have been so excited about this line! It's Riley Blake Designs Under the Canopy by Citrus & Mint Designs. It has so many adorable animals: cheeta's, sloths, flamingo's, etc. and I LOVE the colors! I couldn't wait to make a quilt from this line!

I chose to make Then Came June's Meadowland quilt and I think it was a perfect choice for this line!

I love that you could completely change the look by using only the green and coral prints and another using the bold blue, orange and hot pink tones. I love them all so I made sure they were all part of this quilt top!

 The pattern was really easy to make too! I'm getting better at making my points line up. It's still a work in progress, but I really feel like I'm making headway!

What quilt pattern would you make with this line? 

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  1. Karly, I love this quilt you made. I would make this too. I love the fabrics, they are adorable. I love the pattern so much. I will put it on my wish list.
    Thank you for sharing your joyful quilt.


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