Riley Blake Designs - Fairy Edith

My girls absolutely love Faeries. Everything about them. So when I saw this line,  Fairy Edith by Riley Blake Designs, I knew it would be a big hit with them. And since it was going to be something they'd all love, I knew it had to become a quilt! 

I chose to make the Framed Folk Quilt by Modernly Morgan.  It's such a pretty pattern and I knew I could showcase some of the prints more in the middle squares.

My favorite print in this line is that Bouquet Blue! The florals are just so gorgeous! The Wildflowers in Blue is a close second, and these Coral dots! That square with the coral, navy blue, and light blue is my favorite square. I almost think I should I have done every square with the 3 colors. It makes for such a fun block!

You can get Fairy Edith in stores now!

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