Michael Miller - Travel Mini Backpack

Today I get to share my mini Travel backpack made in Michael Miller Fabrics new line Travel Daze! As a kid, we moved a LOT. I'm 35 and I've moved 32 times in my life, just to give you an idea. I love seeing new places and meeting new people. While you're travelling, it's always nice to have the perfect bag to take with you!

Sincerely Jen just came out with a new mini backpack, the Phoebe and I knew this would be the perfect little travel bag for me!

I chose to use Many Directions in Nite for the main fabric of the bag. I love the bright colors and all the fun places listed, and since this is a bag, I wanted it to have a dark background.
As for the lining and straps, I went with Sun Shower in Nite. I love the rain, so I felt it definitely was the perfect print to go with!

This bag has no shortage of storage! There's the front pocket, then you have a zip pocket and slip pocket in the main pocket, along with a zip pocket in the back!

Now to make the Star Block you will need to make 8 Half Square Triangles (trim to 3") and 4 - 3" squares. 
I used 8 different prints for the star.
Travel Daze in seafoam and sky 
Pack Up in pewt and rose 
Mapped out in pink and teal 
Sun Shower in brite and sky

I'm not sure what this method of making half square triangles is called, but here's how I made these.
First cut a bunch of 3.5" squares.
Put two squares right sides together and draw a line down the center. You will use this line as a guide.
Stitch a line 1/4" from the center line, repeat on the other side of the line.
Cut down the center line and trim your square.

Once you have your squares in a design you like, sew the squares to make 4 rows, then sew the rows together to make your square. The square will measure 10.5".

Once you have your square complete, place the pattern piece on it to cut out the front then finish the bag as normal!

Although we don't plan to travel too far from home this year, I've been planning an epic road trip that we'll probably take next summer (I can't wait!). Do you have any places you love to travel to?

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