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We're to the very crazy, busy time of the year and I am just that: crazy busy! With school, before school activities, and just life in general I haven't felt like I've been able to have nearly as much sewing time as I'd like. Also, the weather is so amazing right now. I know there are plenty of places that it's freezing, but It's just cooled off from our high summer temps and has been absolutely perfect. So the idea of staying indoors has not been a popular choice right now.

I've been very excited for Riley Blake's new line, In the Forest. The little foxes and woodland creatures are just adorable, and I LOVE the colors in this line! They're the cooler colors of fall, and I am a cool person!

Going with my 2019 goals, I chose to make another quilt, but I struggled so badly to choose a pattern for this line! The line comes with 15 different prints, 3 colorways of 5 different prints, and two different color variants on a panel set that comes with 4 panels each. I'm personally more partial to the green colorway! And you can always use the panel set to make a super easy baby quilt, but I chose to cut one up and use the panels individually.

I wanted a pattern to showcase the panels, but after being very indecisive, I ended up making my own. I love plus quilts and how quickly they come together, so this is my take on that.

The quilt measures 54.5" by 58.25", so it's a good throw or large baby blanket. 
I'll make a tutorial when I have more time. Or really put the work in to make it into a pattern. I don't know yet. We'll see what the rest of this year chooses to send our way!

I've had to swear I will buy more of this line to make a second quilt, because I have two kids that are just in love with it. I had planned to make it for Jude and he chose the panel I used in it. But then Aevarie walked in and saw it and tried REALLY hard to call "dibs", but, on the count Jude chose the panel, it was a bit too late. LOL
Really though, how amazing is it when your kids love what you make?

What would you make with this line?

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  1. Love this quilt! Would like to get the pattern when you create it.


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