Popover Jacket Tutorial

In last season, I won the first weeks sew along challenge with my Popover Jacket Remix. I've been meaning to get the tutorial up for it, but life has been crazy. When is it not? Anyways, I finally found some time to make it up. Here's the boys version.

First, lets have you grab the free size 2 pattern.

And now that you have that, print it out, tape and you have yourself a pattern. 
Some other notes:
  • You need 5-6 buttons depending on size
  • Thread and needle to sew buttons on
  • All seam allowances are 3/8"

Here's what we're going to be cutting out.

Main Outer Fabrics:

From Contrast and lining fabrics:
(For the pockets I cut out 4 squares 4" by 4")

So now that you have everything cut out, lets start sewing. 
You'll start with sewing up the front. I find it easiest to line it all up.

Now we're going to put in the welt pockets. I did this AFTER sewing up the whole outer, but you're going to want to do it before. Trust me. And this is my 8 steps to Welt pockets. Ignore the numbers afterwards.....

Are you still with me? Now you can go ahead and finish up sewing the outer together.

Remember that the sleeves are different on both sides. The back will be longer and front side shorter. They will line up to the front and back pieces. You may want to mark which is which though.

So now this is what it's going to look like:

Clip all corners and make a small slit  in the "v's" that were created at the collar base.

Hopefully I got this worked out, but if your lining turns out a bit longer then the main at the bottom, just trim it up a bit. And please let me know so I can try to readjust the pattern! 

And this part is kind of tricky for the sleeves, so if you would rather skip it you can and finish the sleeves a different way. This is seriously my favorite way to do sleeves now though, so if you can bear through it, it will be awesome. I promise! Just make sure you don't twist your sleeves when bringing them together!

Do you hate me?? Love me?? This was mind blowing awesome? That's how I felt when I first came upon this method and I actually thought it was crazy at first, but I love finishing sleeves this way now!

Now turn your whole jacket inside out.

And viole! Look at that piece of work!

You are now going to be doing buttons. I didn't take photos of this step (sorry!) but I used 6 - 1/2" buttons.
The bottom 4 were spaced 2 3/4" from each other, then I lined the top one up with the top and put the last one right dab in the middle of the contrasting panel. 

And you're done!
I hope you love this jacket as much as we do!! 


  1. Cuteness! I love it! I do my lined sleeves the same way. It's a great technique. :)

  2. To cute!! Is the size 2 pattern no longer available?

  3. This is agreat lookingjacket Thankyou! I am just starting out teaching myself how to sew (given a free sewing machine). I'm going to give this a try and hopefully save some $ making my daughter's clothes.

  4. Wow, great technique of stitching, i am a fashion designer and today i learned one more technique,,,, i would also love to share my own designed Deadpool inspired costume here but i can't share my overall process that how i made it because i didn't capture any clip etc.

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  6. So now that you have everything removed, lets begin sewing. You'll begin with sewing up the front. I think that its least demanding to arrange it all.

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