Figgy's Heavenly Bundle Collection

I am so excited to write about Figgy's new patterns! I was able to pattern test 2 of them from this new collection. 

The first one I made was the Steller Dress. And I actually messed up on this one....I did something you should never do. I didn't measure the little square after printing to make sure it printed correctly......I didn't even think about it. I realized after it was all sewn up that it looked like it would fit Aevarie. Shelly was amazing and went through everything with me trying to figure out why it turned out so big and sure enough, it was a total printing error. And even with the printing error, it sewed up perfectly.  

I also got to test the Celestial Tee

I used the same fabrics from Aevaries tunic, but changed it up. This was incredibly fast to make up and the pocket was my add onto it. I couldn't leave out that purple fabric! 

And since this took me so little time to make and since I couldn't leave the Steller Dress as is, I whipped up another dress for Paisley, this time in the right size! 

Although the pattern doesn't give this option, I chose to layer my sleeve pieces and make them one piece. 
I love the look of both and the girls loved their coordinating outfits. 
We had a very interesting time getting pictures......

Thank you so much Shelly for having me test for you and for such fun and easy patterns! 

You can get the whole collection at 40% off here until Novemeber 28th (totally worth it!)

*And just in case you're wondering, the cat fabric was bought at The Purpleseamstress on Facebook. I couldn't resist such a print! 


  1. I'm totally digging the kitty fabric. It makes me laugh a little, but at the same time... I want to put a pocket on my shirt. Oh, & it would be killer if you added sunglasses with freezer paper to make it a cool kitty. hahahha.


  2. Um, so I'm commenting twice lol ... I just realized my joann's has that cute jean fabric with the hearts on them& i've been thinking about buying it for MONTHS! I made myself finish lily's skinny jeans with the fabric I already had before purchasing more of the same fabric. I can't believe I followed through!


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