Finding My Roots

When I first started up a blog, it was with the intent to participate in a sewing competition only. I really didn't have a clue where it would lead me and therefore I didn't really put much thought into it. I went with my default name of linzigenavieve as the domain name.
I chose a name for my blog (which will not be mentioned). Then my mother informed me that where she grew up, it was really bad. Like, "you don't want your kids associated with that term" bad. I thought it was a cute moniker, but, who knew?? And hey, just for fun, the first that can dig up that name I will give you a copy of my pattern for free (or pattern of choice when I get more patterns out). ;) So went the vicious cycle of thinking of the MOST perfect name, only to find that it had already been taken. I know you know my pain. I finally went with Zafarani. It's my sisters name in Swahili and I thought that was kind of cool.
So why the change?
Not having the same blog name as your domain name really isn't smart. And zafarani.com had already been taken. It takes you to a blank page none-the-less, so I figure that's karma's way of saying I need a name that actually reflects me. So I've been thinking and thinking and finally found a name that I think suits me very well and most importantly is still available!
Paisley Roots
Why does it fit me? Here's the break down.
#1 - Paisley is a type of fabric and I'm in love with fabric and sewing and design.
#2 - My family originated from Paisley Scotland (my mum was born there).
Perfect, is it not??
I really hope you will all like the change as much as I do. Let's raise a glass of sparkling cider (I don't drink alcohol) but you are welcome to raise your glass of wine! And toast to a new beginning!

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