Bumblebee Dress Tour

Hi! I am so excited to be a part of RaeAnna's Bumblebee Dress tour! 

When RaeAnna first contacted me I said yes without a hesitation. I mean, have you seen all the cute dresses and tops popping up from this pattern? Then I started looking at my fabric stash......
oh dear....

I can say without a doubt that although I love the fall, I am much more drawn to the bold and crazy colors and prints of Spring and Summer. I have a total of 2 fall-ish prints in my stash.....and neither of them were going to do this dress justice! 

Luckily I took a trip to my mums house during the kids school break and met up with my super awesome sewing friend and we just HAD to do some fabric shopping. I was lucky enough to snag some of this very popular fox fabric. I also picked up some dark pink corduroy that matched the leaves in the fox fabric perfectly. I think it brings such a girly touch to it! 

My next issue was deciding which daughter to make this for. Aevarie (being the oldest girl and biggest) generally gets all the girly sewn goods, but I still want to make a few things for the other 2 girls. 
I finally decided to make it for Zoe, my middle child, since I love this print and wanted it to get a ton of love.

I deviated from the pattern a bit and omitted the ruffles for piping and sleeve cuffs. I also made a thin tie to cinch the waist.

I made the size 6 so that Zoe could get even more wear out of it.
Okay, that actually wasn't done on purpose. I'm so used to tracing the biggest size that I wasn't thinking and traced size 6.....but it really worked out for me! 

The dress came together so easily and the tutorial is great!

We couldn't find buttons we liked, so fabric covered buttons it was! I just love the pop of pink!

Zoe was pretty cold during the photoshoot (the weather has definitely turned!), so I let her put her coat on here and there to warm up.
She was so much more cooperative when she was warm! lol

Just look at that smile!

She sure loves her dress!! 
Thank you so much RaeAnna for having me part of your tour!

The pattern is on sale for $5 during the tour, so you should scoop that up! $5 is a steal! 
Here's the direct link to the pattern in RaeAnna's shop

Or you can try your luck to get a free copy by entering the Rafflecopter below!

And take the time to check out all the other blog spot stops! There are some pretty adorable dresses and tops being shown! 

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Tights and boots are from Gaps Boho Line. 


  1. The matching coat is AMAZING!!! Is that one of Amy's new coat patterns?! I LOVE IT! Thank you so much for participating in the tour!!!

    1. lol It is! It's her Downton Coat, but it's the size 8 on Zoe. I made it for Aevarie but Zoe is in love with that fox print! lol

      Thank you so much for letting me participate! This dress is just darling!

  2. I agree about the matching coat! I love it! Although, I didn't get that much of the fox fabric... :)

  3. I love this version of the dress with piping! Gorgeous coat as well. Your daughter looks extremely happy :)

  4. Love the dress, love the coat, love the girl. Such a cutie. :-)

  5. The dress is gorgeous! The fabric is super cute.


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