Polka Dots and Stripes

For week #2 the theme is Stripes and Polkadots. This one was probably my biggest challenge coming up with. I don't have many polkadotted or stripey fabrics and I had decided before starting this that I would only use fabric I have and not buy any new fabric. How many different fabrics were in my stash that fit the bill? 3 stripey ones and 3 polkadotted ones. They really didn't match each other at all either. After realizing that I had some flower fabric that matched the plain black and white polkadot fabric and had green in it, I made a plan. Here's what I came up with:

I named it the Butterfly Bubble dress and since I made up the pattern, I can do a tutorial for it! :D
I love that since it has so many colors I can still mix and match, so for right now while there is over a foot of snow outside, I can add a shirt and some leggings underneath. If you can't tell, I LOVE to layer. My mother used to call me the "Bag Lady" cause I would come out in multiple layers whenever I got to dress myself.:D

Then in the summer time she can wear it alone. 

I love this kids doodles!

Here's the front:

and a close up:

Then the back:

It is fully lined and I think it turned out rather well. 
I also love that my older daughter Aevarie can wear it as a tunic! :D 

Yeah, my kids love to move, and jumping on the bed makes them happier models! :D


  1. Very pretty. I have a soft spot for bubble dresses. Looks perfect with the striped leggings.

  2. Love it as the tunic with the striped leggings! I contemplated using seersucker as my stripes as well...I am a sucker for seersucker! :) Very cute

    1. Your children are so cute! I love how you fashioned the dotted fabric you had into stripes for the skirt. Very creative!

  3. I'm reading all the entries right now and I think we all have been posting about how we are trying to go through our stash instead of buy new fabric! haha!!! Great dress and I look forward to your tutorial!

  4. very original... That's great it fits both of them, but I confess I like it much better on the little one as a dress.

  5. Love your take on the stripes! Well done!

  6. Super cute...and I really like the fabric combintation!

  7. Such a lovely outfit! I especially like the bib & really all the fabric ties nicely together.

  8. this is so adorbale! and....that wall!! love it :)

  9. Thank you everyone! And Erin, yes, my girls LOVE that wall! We are finishing our basement and our oldest daughter is going to be getting her own room and that is her main thing she wants, is her wall to be painted the same. :D


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