Aevaries 6th Birthday!

It's crazy how quickly life changes. At this time a mere 6 years ago we were about to head out to my 39 week appointment at the OB's. I was determined that we would be having our baby girl that day. When the Dr. told me that he wouldn't be surprised if he saw me come into the hospital later that night, I pleaded to just make it a date at the hospital and at 6:57pm, 2 short hours later, we were holding this little creature in our arms. 

Surprise number 1 was that "beauty mark" on her eyebrow. My sister Saffron promptly called out how unfair it was that she have a beauty mark. The second surprise was that this little girl was a blondie just like her brother! I seriously thought that was a fluke.
Now Aevarie has been a gem. I love this little girl to the moon and back. She can be quite bossy and is always ordering her sisters around with a "Come on girls!". I LOVE it! She's very easy going and loving. And oh my goodness this girl is silly! Here's some pictures of her through out the 6 years, cause you know I just love pictures and this girl is too cute!
I just love this girl and can't believe that she's only been in our world for 6 years and at the same time, can't believe she's already 6. 

Here's wishing my darling girl a very Happy Birthday and many many more to come!

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