Taxes and Pattern Testing

What a crazy week! First of all, Mens shirt refashion totally stumped me. There are tons of amazing ideas out there, but the ones I really wanted took too much time to make. I have a half finished project that I will eventually finish. The second reason is that I was asked to pattern test by Popolok Design and I asked to test some yoga shorts from Peek-a-boo Pattern shop. Here's a couple pictures from the work-in progress of both:

I'm still wanting to make a dress version of the top, but with sleeves, and I need to add a little more rise to the back of the shorts. 

Now on to my final reason for not keeping up.


We had already planned that debt would be paid off, so the whole "rich" feeling was very fleeting, but nothing beats having debt all paid off. :D 
Since we had some extra left, we thought we would have a fun day. Now, I know I'm paranoid, so anytime we are going to out and about at busy places, I always take individual pictures of my kids so you know, if by chance they get lost, we have a picture of exactly what they were wearing and how they looked. No ones ever gotten lost before, but hey, doesn't hurt to be prepared. :D Moving on.

My kids were being super silly so this is what we got.

We were going to have the kids ride the train in the mall, but is seemed to be missing, so instead they got to ride the carousel.

And of course Corey was holding Jude.

While waiting for our friends to show up, the guys went into a game shop and the girls ran around the common area. And yes, Aevarie got to dress herself.....

Now this picture is one of my most absolute favorites of Paisley. 

After meeting up with friends, we ate which took FOREVER. And after that we took all the kids to Build-a-bear. Why I didn't get pictures then, you've got me, but they all love their furry little creatures. 

Anyways, that's what we've been up to. Fabric shopping later today and a baby shower tomorrow. Oh, did I mention the child that didn't get sick last time is now sick?? I'm sure thanks to the weather changing again. :D Ah well, spring shouldn't be too far off! :D

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