Clean Slate Patterns

Have you heard of Blank Slate Patterns? If not, you should check them out. You should check out Melly's blog too. She is the brains behind the patterns and is amazingly talented. Her boys are adorable too. 

I've been sewing up some of her patterns. I have tons more cut out ready to sew, but I can only do so many projects a night. 

So here is the Beachy Boatneck Shirt paired with the Schoolday Skirt:

And then the Clean Slate Shorts:

And here's the action shots:

And yes, both of them are wearing the same shirt. I originally made it for Aevarie, but when Gavin saw how big it was on her he declared that it should be his. He loves it and wants me to make more. It has been declared the most "comfortable" shirt ever. :D

I did modify the shorts too. My son is almost 10, but wears size 12 pants for the length, but seriously has the waist of a 6 year old. I just added 2 inches to the length and think they turned out perfect! :D Oh, and the pockets were one of those awesome mistakes that afterwards you just say you originally planned them that way.......

He also made me laugh cause when we were pulling up all the photos he said, "Mum, I have GIRL hair!" Ummmm, yes. But it's beautiful hair and when I asked him if he wanted to cut it, he said no. It's getting super close to his goal to donate it. It will be so weird when he does have it cut! 

Anyways, those are my most recent Blank Slate Pattern projects. Seriously check her out. :D 

Oh, and Gavin wanted me to post how awesome these are to do Handstands in. He is getting so good at this stuff! 

Have a great and happy day!!

Note: In no way was I paid for my review. Melly's patterns are just incredible and again, I just want to share the love!


  1. I love the boatneck shirt! Isn't it the most simple pattern to put together? I want to make tons of them haha.

    You're clean slate shorts are so great. The colors are really cool.

    1. That shirt is going to be a staple! I need to learn to make them bigger! :D

  2. Gavin is good at handstands!! He showed me yesterday and I was amazed at how long he could hold it. And those clothes are amazing. I love the buttons on that skirt - what a cute design!

    1. Thanks Becky! And yes, he's getting so good at gymnastics. I'm jealous! :D


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