Color Block Dress by Heidi & Finn

I've been following Heidi & Finn's blog for a while now. I really love their patterns and have been dying to pattern test for them. So on Thursday when I saw them post for pattern testers, I jumped on it! 
This is for their "Color Block Dress". She said we could dress it up however we like, but when my eyes fell on these linen solids that I had in my stash, I couldn't resist and ended up keeping it how it was. I've knick-named it her "Color mixing dress". Cause you know, yellow and blue make green. :D Does anyone else knick-name their kids outfits? 

The greatest part? I totally got all the seams lined up! Although I really have to credit the pattern for that. Heidi & Finn do amazing jobs with their patterns and step by step instructions! 

Now, one thing I need to clarify, this dress is supposed to be knee length. But if you notice, this girl is all legs. I wonder where she could have gotten that from..... ;P

Aevaries favorite part was the button closure. She thought it was the greatest thing ever that I used one of her ponytail holders (a tip from Heidi & Finn!). She went on and on about it. That girl cracks me up!

You should check out Heidi & Finns Facebook page for more looks here and their Flickr page. I'm seriously blown out of the water with the other versions of this dress!
The pattern should be released soon and if you havn't already, check out all their other amazing patterns here!

Just a note: I was in no way paid from Heidi & Finn for my review. I just love her patterns!


  1. Spring spring spring! I love the colors in this dress. They are so fun and springy and I needed a little of that on this cold morning :)

    1. Thanks! And yes, I've been making springy/summer clothes like mad hoping the weather would take a hint! lol


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