Popolok Designs Nova Top

About a week(ish) ago, Alviana from Popolok Designs sent me an email asking if I would be interested in testing her newest pattern the "Nova Top and Dress". I said yes immediately. 

I started off making this in the size 8 since I've been more geared into making my oldest daughter more clothes. The younger two have a ridiculous amount of hand-me-downs. When I finished making it, Aevarie kept complaining saying it was too tight, and the length was a little short. She's grown half an inch since I made the Cece Top and Dress. That girl is just growing like a weed! Anyways, I just decided that I would have the next girl in line model it for me. 

As you can see, it really doesn't look bad on her at all. I still wanted to make one that would fit though so I could give Alviana accurate feedback on the sizing. My Zoe was a perfect sizing for the size 5, so we started again. I know the fabric choices on this one is a little out there, but we have these certain shoes that just so needed another outfit to wear them with! 

I really love the little cap sleeves. And yes, this child cannot take a serious picture for the life of her. 

Of course I did get Aevarie to model for me after all. It is still snug on her, but I'm hoping we can get at least a week of wear before the kid shoots up some more! 

And just cause Paisley wanted to get in on some of the pictures:

See those little pants Paisley is wearing? Zoe was originally going to wear them with her shirt (hence the reason I chose that fabric for the top) but, Paisley had them on so fast I just couldn't take them off her. 
I seriously love those shoes and I love Alviana's patterns! 
Check out her etsy shop!

In no way was I paid for my review. I love Popolok Designs patterns and wanted to share that love!


  1. These tops are so cute. The shape is adorable for a little girl. And being one of three girls (middle! Haha) I totally get the grab-the-cute-pants-as-quickly-as-possible move! :)

    1. lol I agree! I have 2 sisters too, but we are so far apart we never shared clothes so this is all new to me! I love this pattern and am going to be making more. :D

  2. They are cute! I love the flowers and orange combination!


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