A Day for Making Dolls

I have been so excited to share this post and just got all the pictures for it! During Spring break we decided to have a "kid sewing day". I had so much fun and really want to do a kids sewing course over the summer. Or at least just have a few days for kids sewing projects. We used The Girl Inspired's doll pattern  and let the girls choose their own fabrics and buttons for the eyes. 
My friend Becky came over with 2 of her girls and her niece. She was awesome enough to take pictures and I am so glad she did! 

So this is really how I do things. On the floor. Our basement is still a work in progress and one day I will get a sewing room with TONS of space and counter tops, but for the last 9 years, this is how it's been. 

My kids have learned to just play around me. lol

The girls did such a great job of sewing on the buttons all by themselves. 

And yes, those are red "zombie" eyes for Zoe. Don't ask. 

I adore this little stack of dolls ready to be sewn!

All of the girls were so good and patient waiting for me to finish so they could stuff them. 

And I know I didn't have them actually use the sewing machine, but I thought using a thread and needle made a great first lesson. 

Aevarie decided that the heads made some pretty fun hand puppets. 

The girls sewed up the bottoms by themselves and I believe they passed hand sewing with flying colors!

Afterwards we went outside to let the girls play with their new friends and get some pictures. 

I love this picture of them throwing their dolls up in the air!

And here's the girls video of playing Ring around the Rosie. 

I know they love their dolls. I hope it will be a memory that they will cherish forever. Thank you Becky for coming over and being part of our fun day! 


  1. so fun! and lol at zombie eyes! kids are so funny.

  2. Just love this. I'm a new follower through Friend Connect. I'd be so happy if you'd follow me, too.

    Have a nice weekend.

  3. This is just heart warming. I love seeing the girls huddled around your machine. Good stuff :)


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