Our love Story

13 years ago to the day I met my husband. We were both 16. My family had just moved us all into a new house in a new town while I was away at EFY camp, and on the day I returned I answered the door to 3 kids coming to meet the new neighbors. I know for a fact that Corey did not expect ME to answer the door.

His first impression of me was:
1- astonishment that I was his age
2- I was tall. Like, almost look him in the eye tall. (he's correcting me and telling me that since he was a step down from my door, I actually seemed taller than him.)

I was thrilled. In the town we moved from, I really didn't have any friends and I was so excited that 2 kids my age lived on the same street and wanted to be my friends.
We got to be really good friends and had a great summer. Then 2 weeks into our senior year his family moved "up north" (into the city and away from small hick life) and for a little while we didn't really talk.
I love to sing and had joined the school choir and for one of our performances we got to go up to Salt Lake City and sing in the Salt Lake City Tabernacle. We were up there for a couple of days and during that time, Corey came to hang out with me and all of his friends from hick-ville. This is where "friendship" started to turn more into "romance". We had such a fun time and when he dropped us off at the house we were staying at and went to leave, I kissed him on the cheek. He had the STRANGEST look on his face. I'm pretty sure I panicked and shut the door a little harder then I meant to. Then I sat in shock wondering if indeed I had just kissed him, and what on earth had possessed me to do it. Don't get me wrong, I wanted to kiss him, I just couldn't believe I had been brave enough to actually do it! I went home thinking I'd never hear from him again.

How wrong was I.

After that the letters and calls picked up. We would spend every minute we could together. One night after we had gone for a walk, we were sitting on the curb in front of my house, my back against his stomach. I asked him what he was thinking and looked up at him and that's when he kissed me. On the lips! A cop passed us almost immediately following that kiss. Is that a good omen? Must be since we're still together. lol
 As soon as I got in the house I found that my whole family had been sitting at the window spying on us. They didn't see us kiss, but my little sister yelled out, "You kissed Corey!" and when I turned beet-red and responded with a, "So!" They all stood in disbelief. I think my mother thought Corey was gay (I can't blame her cause that thought had crossed my mind before, sadly) and then they all just burst out laughing. Yes, thank you family! I love you too!
Around graduation (May 2001) one of our mutual friends parents (did you follow that?) told Corey that he could use their little camper and stay in it for a while. We were together every day and I still remember how embarrassingly loud his Jimmy was. I could seriously hear him coming from half-way across town.
Just as I was gun-ho about kissing him first (does a kiss on the cheek really count as the first kiss?), I was the first to say "I love you" too. We were sitting in the trailer talking one day and I was pretty confident that he loved me. We were listening to music and I know I was putting on songs dealing with "I love you" to try and give subtle hints and make him say it first. It's incredibly sad what a nerd I was. I finally got annoyed that my attempts weren't working and just came out with it. There was a horribly long moment of silence. Then finally his response was, "Is that it?" Jaw drop and WHAT????
The only thing I really remember after that was how embarrassed and pissed off I was at his response. I mean, what kind of a response is, "Is that it?" anyways?

When I say I was angry, I mean that I was REALLY angry. I didn't see him before he went back up north and then after a couple of weeks not hearing from him, I figured that was it.
A guy at work had been bugging me to go on a date with him, so being hurt and just plain stupid, I said yes. I  dated that guy for a couple of months before ending it, and sometime during that time Corey had come down and seen us holding hands, so he thought I had moved on and it was over.

Corey did come back down here for college (fall 2001) but, things were awkward and we were trying the whole "lets just be friends" approach. That lasted until December when we finally, officially became a couple.
I went to England with my mother and sister for the whole month of March. I missed him so much. When I got back we talked a little about summer plans. Neither of us liked bringing it up though, cause we didn't like the thought of being apart again.
Then at the beginning of May 2002 Corey proposed. The story I love to tell is that we were on a walk by the Manti Temple when he asked me. Truthfully though, I was a brat and I made him do that months before I even went to England cause I just wanted to see how it would look to have him propose. And yes, "I" do that. lol
The real proposal did give me goosebumps (in the good way) and made me feel all giddy and happy but my semi-forced proposal makes a better story. :D
So that's our love story. And yes, we did get married 3 weeks after getting engaged. I have no patience when my mind is set on something. :D

Happy 11 years together to my wonderful husband and I hope a lifetime more to come!


  1. That's so sweet and such a fun story! Happy anniversary!

  2. What a lovely story. I got all teary and told lily to hold on so I could get through it! .. I especially liked how you were both so stubborn at times& were willing to suck it up for each other. Totally makes me think of my own marriage (chet and i are both youngest children, which usually doesn't equate well, lol). Happy Anniversary to you both! We will also be celebrating this month, though it's nothing of the 11 years you have together (still in awe of it!). It will be our second anniversary. How did you guys celebrate?



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