Tikatuly Usha Twirl Dress

I had the honor of pattern testing for Tikatuly Designs and their new pattern the Tikatuly Usha Dress. What first drew me to this dress was the bodice. I love the folded look. I also love any pattern that gives me the opportunity to mix and match patterns and colors! The best part? This pattern comes from sizes 3 months to 14 years! I'm still so stoked that we'll be able to make these for Aevarie for quite some time.

You can either make a maxi dress (like I did) but you could also leave off the bottom layer for a tea length dress. Humaira did an awesome job with her pattern an tutorial. I found it to be very 
thorough and I loved that she had options on finishing the back. I still havn't figured out the "magic touch" for shirring, so I was grateful to have another option! 

Aevarie loved it and had a blast taking pictures. Now if we could just get the warm weather to stay....

We'll be making more of these (when I'm done with ALL pattern tests!) 
You can grab your copy here: Tikatuly Usha Dress.


  1. Thank you for the feature Karly! I'm honored. It was a pleasure to work with you. I was thrilled to see the pictures, the dress and the adorable model, and now this thorough review about the pattern. Hope you enjoy the pattern many times over. I wish to work with you again! <3

  2. The back looks shirred so great job! It's looks like a great technique. :)


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