Tulip and Edelweiss Lulu Pettiskirt

When I first saw the call for pattern testers for this skirt, I jumped and started writing the sizes I could test. Then I paused right before hitting enter. I LOVE pettiskirts and my girls adore them too, but they are a huge undertaking! Was I up to it?? This would be my 7th pattern test in 10 days and I still had 2 more to complete before.....I wishy-washed for a couple more seconds then decided it was a definite "need", especially since Aevarie had outgrown her last pettiskirt, and clicked "enter" without another hesitation. 
I am so glad I decided to make it and was chosen as well! 

The pattern is from Tulips and Edelweiss and is from sizes 12 months to 14 years as well as a doll pattern too. It was very thorough and gave a lot of information. I read through it twice before beginning just cause I did not want to mess this up! Mira gave us the option of doing 3-6 layers, and I was so grateful for this! I chose the 3 layers so that way Aevarie could still wear it to school without it being too big and me getting a note saying not to send her to school in it again.....can you tell that that's happened before?

Aevaries last pettiskirt was very purple with pink and blue ruffles. Adorable, but very childish, so I chose to try and make this one a bit more mature. I found some cream lace at the store and a salmony-pink chiffon and love the colors together. The best part was that the chiffon was on sale for $1 a yard! Seriously made my day! 
I had some crazy late nights getting all the patterns finished. This skirt took me about 5 hours from cutting to gathering to sewing. It was definitely worth all the effort though. Aevarie actually squealed when she saw it in the morning. 

We made the Verushka tank top from Ottobre 1/2013 to go with it. I just added the ruffle at the top and used the lace for the arms to tie in the skirt. I love the charcoal knit with it! 

Aevarie couldn't wait for Daddy to get home so we could go out for a photo-shoot. My girls LOVE their photo-shoots. We had a blast going around and found a few new spots to take pictures. I'll stop talking and let you see the pictures!

Check out Tulips and Edelweiss Etsy shop. You can expect more great things to come from them! 

Update: I bought all of my supplies at Walmart, but you can also find nylon chiffon at AFC-Express online for a great selection and price. If you have bought the pattern you can join her Facebook Pattern page if you have any questions or need any help with her patterns.  


  1. that skirt is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it so much! and I love her silly poses lol

  2. I love your version too and I did purchase the pattern but I think it is very confusing!! I don't even want to mess with that much instruction and where do you start to get the supplies?? Can you go over that in your blog and I think if the pattern was written in simpler terms then I might attempt it but I am not a beginner and it was confusing to me!! Yours is beautiful!!!

    1. What a beautiful skirt! I adore your fabric choice! I have also purchased this pattern after seeing it posted on facebook. I have read the directions and they are fabulous in my opinion!!! I love the illustrations and the photos! The designer has really simplified it with the numbered steps! I can't wait to try!! I live in the UK, so I'm extremely grateful for inclusion of the metric chart! Most PDF patterns only come in inches! :(
      In response to the previous comment, I really think where you buy your fabrics is up to you! I have never purchased a pattern inwhich the pattern maker tells me where to buy my fabrics! I prefer to make my own choices in that regard thankfully, especially since I am doubtful that US pattern makers could tell me where to buy the best price / quality fabric here in the UK!

  3. Love this pattern..i do have a lot of years sewing..over 40 to be exact..so i've made lots of pettiskirts..the thing i love about this pattern..is the fact it is made by adding all the layers together and then adding the waist band..much easier than the double layer yoke with one side facing the wrong way out... She gives you options so you can make it as difficult or easy as you like. I have read hundreds of patterns over the years, and created my own fashions when i gave up.. This skirt pattern is great and will be one of my staples in my shop.. As we all know..everyone has their own taste..this suits me just fine!! GREAT JOB!!


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