Heather Top by Shwin Designs

Last weekend I saw Shwin Designs asking for testers. I had a moment of massive crushing doubt that there was no way I'd be chosen to test, then that ray of light saying, "If you never try, you'll never know". Actually, I think I'll put that saying on my wall.....with the small disclosure at the bottom excluding drugs and cigarettes.  Don't need to give my kids conflicting info there. 
Back to the topic. I typed out my info and pressed enter. I was thrilled to open my email and find I had been selected to test for Shauna! 
I downloaded the pattern and read through the instructions, chose my fabric and got started. 

When I started sewing the skirt to the bodice I realized that there was an inch extra fabric, so I added a pleat and sewed it up. I knew it looked pretty long, but it was supposed to be a tunic so I figured I'd see how the fit was in the morning and sure enough, it was a dress.

I know the "red, white and blue" is a little corny, but the girl needed a 4th of July outfit.

And just cause we can't leave out a picture of this girls massive personality. 

I wrote to Shauna about the extra fabric and length and sent the pictures and kept thinking, "I massively screwed up somewhere and I'm never going to be chosen to test again." Lovely self-doubt. Don't you love how it creeps up into your mind?
Shauna was great and asked me a couple of questions and as soon as I read her response I knew EXACTLY where I went wrong. This is why having beginning sewers be a part of your testing is a good thing. Even though I read through and saw it stated one way, my brain fell back on my years of sewing and decided it needed to be done another way. Cause you know, my mind just knows better. lol 
So I got to work on a second one, but this time it was made the correct way. 

I just love the fabrics on this one. It was still a little long, but I love that since my kids grow fast. Does anyone's grow slowly?? And if in fact someone has found a way to keep their kid little longer, do you want to pass on the secret?

The pattern comes in sizes 6-9 months to size 8, so we'll be getting a lot of use out of it. 

I already have a black shirt in the works for school and am so excited to see it layered like that!

Thank you again Shauna for choosing me to pattern test for you! I can't wait to make a few more for school too. You can grab your copy of the pattern here: Heather Top.

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  1. Lovely work! Yeah 'I can relate to 'my brain knows" stuff hahaha


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