Turning 30

So, it's my birthday. The big 3-0. I really can't complain, cause the majority of the kids I grew up with, as well as most of my friends are already 30. I've been pondering how I would feel. Does it feel different? Do you suddenly get an overwhelming urge to stop all idiocy and be a decent adult when that clock strikes 12am? I'm going with, nope. I still feel stupid and silly, and not 30. Although, with 5 kids I've been feeling it for the last few years. Probably have looked it too. lol

I also have to give a shout out to my baby sister who turns 18 today. Yep. we are cool and awesome and were born 12 years apart. So we are both Cancers and both Boars. Oink. Or Snort? I guess, I have graduated to the "snort". 

I'll post pics later of our birthday bash, but Happy birthday to me and my sis!


  1. Happy Birthday! You are one of the sweetest, kindest, yet funniest gals I've had the pleasure of 'meeting". Hope your day was awesome!

    1. You are so sweet Brianne! I can't wait to officially "meet"! ;)


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