School is in plain sight and with everyone getting things ready, new clothes being bought (or in my case made). Choosing out backpacks and pencil cases, I would like to take a minute and discuss something that has been getting a lot of highlights but still not discussed enough. 


When you think of bullying, you usually think of a giant kid stuffing a much smaller and nerdy kids head into a toilet. Sad to say that my son has had this happen to him. I can also go into personal experience and recite girls throwing rocks at me, kids calling me names, girls undoing my bra in the hallways at school....some people have it worse then others, but we ALL sadly, deal with bullying at many points in our lives. 

We've become aware of it. There's been discussions. But something happened today that made me really wonder if the message has gotten through to US? 

When I first joined the "Blogger world" I was amazed. These women are amazing. Sharing their experiences and crafty knowledge eagerly to anyone and everyone. Bringing each other up and helping.

Then the more I've gotten into it, I've started to see politics. There's a circle, clique, sewing country club, if you will, to it.
Then today I saw it. Bullying. 

I'm going to admit. I am still pretty outraged about it. It was uncalled for and childish. We are supposed to be here pulling each other up. Not tearing each other down. 

That also made me wonder. How do we expect our children to not bully others or to handle bullying, when we ourselves do it? Have we forgotten the old motto, "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all." Do I need to bring out the Bambi?

I'm not making this post to call out or chastise. More to enlighten or hopefully make people more aware that we are all human. We have amazing talents and I know we all want to share our talents. We have no need to tear each other down. 

Too, good luck for school! I just found out that my 1st grader is going to probably be getting more homework then my 5th grader. Not going to lie.....I'm petrified! 

Happy School Days people!!


  1. Amazing! I think grown ups forget that they too are capable of being bullies. Thank you for reminding us all to watch ourselves.

  2. It's sometimes so easy to use our power or position or even group dynamics to stomp on someone - and it can be done with the bully being unaware that they're doing anything more than "venting" or asking for affirmation. Great reminder!


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