Hipster Plaid

I am running really last minute here. I had originally planned to make this outfit while I was at the Sewing Summit, but umm.....Sewing Summit was way too awesome and I was sidetracked by a million things, so it didn't happen. Then when I got home I had 3 pattern tests that I needed to get done, so this outfit kept getting pushed back and pushed back. 

Tuesday I had declared that I was just going to skip it. 

Then Wednesday night came and I had an awesome friend tell me to get with the program and get my outfit finished. 

So here is my Hipster Plaid. 
(And yes, I finished this at 1am this morning. lol)

The Sweater is the David Shirt from Ottobre 4/2013. I omitted all of the pockets on it. I used strips of knit to kind of be a enlarged mirror image of the plaid in the shirt on the front and just topstitched it together. It's not all across the shirt to give it a more hipster/edgy look.

The pants are the Chillax pants from Ottobre 1/2013. I LOVE these pants. I am dead serious when I say that I am drafting up a pair of these for me. 
The only thing I changed is using the plaid instead of knit for the pockets (gave it that pop of plaid) and then I added cuffs at the bottom. I wanted them to be a bit longer so that they will last all winter and the cuffs were a perfect solution.

The Plaid button-up shirt is Peek-a-boo Patterns Classic Oxford Shirt. This shirt was a really last minute decision. I had planned to make the sweater have a hood, but then realized I didn't have enough knit for that, so a collared shirt was just what it needed to finish off the look.

In all, this outfit was perfect. I used my stash (except I DID buy the dark teal knit while at Sewing Summit...shhhh), and this outfit was a need and will be used a TON this winter.

Just showing off more pics of my silly baby boy who is growing FAR too fast!

Thank you Crys for pushing me to finish this look! I really love it and know Jude will wear it a ton! 

Loving all the plaid looks!


  1. I'm glad I pushed you, slacker! You rocked the crap out of this. <3

  2. LOVE that outfit!!! I love all of it - the pants the shirt the sweater!!! If I had a boy that is the style I'd dress him in!

  3. Looks great! Love the sweater. I agree about the Ottobre pants. I rally like them. :)

  4. UGH! Karly this outfit is so stinking cute and you're skills are totally amazing. I cannot believe how much you got done in one night. My outfit was like a week long project! and it fits the challenge to a T. Ok, I'm done raving. <3


  5. I love that basket weave take on plaid with that sweater, so awesome!

  6. So glad you "got with the program" :) and sewed along!!! Elizabeth has been working on a project with the basket weaving plaid like you did on your shirt...great minds think alike! Love your look!


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