Sew Fab Bundle

When I first saw the Sew Fab Bundle I quickly scanned through the patterns and counted the ones I already owned. Then I went through and thought about the ones I wanted, and did the whole "should I, should I not??" Then what did I do? I sat on it for a few days. This is what we call, "wasted sewing time". 
What was I thinking?? Why was I hesitating? I have no idea. But hesitate I did. 

Then somehow the thought hit me of going through and adding up how much it would cost me to get all the other patterns I wanted individually.....
Almost $70! 
So even with me owning 5 of the patterns in the bundle already, I was still saving a TON, and even then, that was only counting the ones that were in my shopping cart already, waiting to be purchased, not the other awesome patterns I'd be getting along with it.

So I bought it immediately!

And well, I had to make up for lost time, so last night I printed out a few patterns, traced, cut out and sewed. 

Here's what Jude wore today:

Not only were these super fast to put together, they are absolutely adorable!

All of my kids are getting one of these outfits. The fancy pants goes to size 10, so beyond having to add a little length to them for my oldest, I am good to go with all my kids. 

The Bimaa sweater will be a little harder. See, it only goes to size 6 and two of my children are bigger then that. So, here's a shout out to Sarah (more like a begging plea) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE (with massive amounts of sugar on top) make this sweater in bigger sizing! Like all the way to mummy sizing while we're at it......

So lets take another look at this awesome bundle that is only available for a few more days:

Soak it in and realize that this is seriously awesome and then stop on over to Scientific Seamstress to see some more amazing things you can make from these patterns and buy your copy before it's gone!! 


  1. Haha I hear your cries! :D

    These look so great together! What a cozy ensemble! Thank you so much for sharing on FB!

    I'll see what I can do about those larger sizes. ;)

    1. Thank you for making such a lovely pattern!

    2. yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I hope larger sizes includes womens lol :)


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