A Giving Christmas: Autumn from Cottingtons So Crafty

Today I have the very awesome Autumn from Cottingtons so Crafy. She puts me to shame with her resourcefulness. Did you know she makes her own deoderant?? She bikes tons and I am always in awe of all the stuff she does with her daughter, and super jealous. Can we say "Super mum"? (she would disagree but we all know she is way more awesome then she would ever admit.) She also has one of the most amazing fabric collections and makes the most adorable clothes for her little miss.
I was so excited when she said that she would be on my series and wait until you hear what her adorable daughter came up with! Thank you Autumn!! 


Hi, y'all!  I'm Autumn from over at Cottington's So Crafty, and I'm here today to show off a pretty ghetto rendition of a Christmas tree!  Please don't laugh at this un-fancy tree.  This is what you get when you live in the high desert and use the lone branch found in your yard ;)

When Karly asked me if I had an idea for giving for the holidays, I consulted the giver herself, my daughter, Camden.  She immediately said we should make a tree - and give it to our friend, Summer.  I am sure Summer will be tickled pink when she sees her fun gift next week.

It pretty much went like this....

Me:  "Camden, what would be such a nice thing to do for someone for Christmas this year?  Something friendly?"

Camden:  "We should make a Christmas tree!"

Me:  "Who should the tree be for?"

Camden:  "For Summer!"

Me:  Thinking I totally should have used a different tactic....approached it in terms of giving to the less fortunate and such.

I then remembered there was a wee branch outside....and thankfully, this was a day or two before the crazy snow hit, so, we didn't have to shovel out the yard to find it.  Clearly, the branch needed a little assistance in standing up, so, my husband ran out to the garage to find a base for it, but I wanted to keep this as simple as possible - meaning, not make it MINE, as it was Camden's to give.

She is very excited at any time to use glitter glue, so, this worked out well, and she helped to string some of the ornaments and light bulbs.  In general, Camden is very proud to make things for others - which usually involves her paintings, so, she's pretty excited to gift this next week, even if the poor tree isn't even quite a Charlie Brown, aha!

Have a great holiday season, everyone!


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