A Giving Christmas: Brianne from Ali Cat & Co.

Today I have the lovely Brianne from Ali Cat & Co. I just love Brianne and her adorable family. She is a hoot and just plain amazing and I absolutely love the craft she has to share today! It's her very first pattern! There's also a link to places you can donate.
Thank you so much Brianne!!


 Hello all!  I'm Brianne from Ali Cat & Co. You can follow my blog or like me on Facebook.
Thank you, Karly, for having me over today!  I'm excited to share a wonderful story of selflessness.  

Back in August, I saw a request on a Facebook sewing page asking for handmade stocking donations to give to children. I messaged the woman stating I would be happy to make some.  After further chatting, she sent me a link that spawned her desire to donate stockings.  All stockings are being donated to children at Portneuf Hospital in Pocatello, ID,  Primary Children's Hospital, Salt Lake City, and to McKay-Dee Hospital in Utah.

If you would also like to donate stockings, please contact Kelie McWilliams at
Kelie (at) boostedhearts (dot) com for the mailing address.

I encourage you to read the news article.

Stockings are so easy to sew and perfect for little learners to help with.
When Karly told me about the Giving Christmas series, I knew combining these two project would be perfect.

Introducing Stockings for Sweeties!

She's ready to get started.  
She's only 3.5, so she actually sits in my lap and helps me guide the fabric.  
She also likes to raise and lower the presser foot and cut threads. 

Very proud of the 7 stockings!

Let's get started on the stocking tutorial!

First, a few disclaimers about the pattern.
1.  This is my first ever pattern/tutorial.  It is hand drawn and amateur.  Because of this, the test square maybe slightly off.  That's totally okay since this is a stocking.
Bear with me as I am learning all this cool stuff!

2. This stocking is based off a pattern I found last year.  I have looked and looked but cannot find the original.  I drafted this pattern from memory because I love the Elf Boot shape.

3.  Download and save the free stocking pattern.  Once saved on your computer, print as "actual size" and "auto rotate".

1/3 yard felt, fleece or other study non fraying fabric
scrap cotton for cuff and loop
other sewing paraphernalia 

Step 1: Print, tape, and cut out pattern.  To tape together, overlap dotted areas and match the letters. When cutting the stocking out, cut off the purple line.

Step 2: Cut out other pieces.
1 accent piece 8 x 18"
1 accent piece 3 x 2"

Seam allowance is 1/4".

Step 2: Here is what you should have: 2 stocking pieces, 1 cuff, and 1 loop (my loop is square, ignore that!)

Step 3: Fold loop right sides together, matching the 3" sides and sew down.

Step 4:  Turn right side out, center seam in middle.  Press, set aside in safe place.  
T hose little pieces easily fall into the trash.  Or is that only my problem?

Step 5: Matching short ends of cuff piece, sew together creating a large loop.

Step 6: Matching wrong sides, fold cuff in half.  Press well. Set aside for safe keeping.

Step 7: Right sides together, sew around stocking leaving the top of the boot open.  
Clip curves and notch  mountains. 
I also trimmed my seam allowance at the top to reduce bulk when adding the cuff.

Step 8: Take loop, fold in half hiding the seam on the inside of the fold.

 Step 9: Pin folded loop to heel side of boot at the top, matching raw edges. (Boot is wrong side out.)

Step 10: Lining up cuff seam with boot seam (cuff seam should be on same side as the loop) and matching raw edges, pin cuff on outside of boot. (Boot is still wrong side out.)

 Step 11:  Sew cuff on. Finish edges if desired.

Step 12: Turn boot inside out.  Run your hand along the inside seams, pressing out all the curves.  Use low heat iron if necessary. 

Step 13:  Hang and admire!


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