The Year 2013

It's crazy how much has changed and how much we've all grown this past year. I started up my blog in December 2012 for the sole reason of participating. At that point in time I just knew that I loved to sew. I loved creating and I wanted to learn more. 

Before starting my blog I was a quilter. I really wanted to learn to sew clothing but I had become very frustrated with the big 4 paper patterns and learning on my own was slow going. Snail pace. I could do simple skirts and knit shirts. I had installed 3 zippers in total and buttons were more embellishments then actually functional. 

Then while pregnant and on bed rest with my 5th child, I happened upon a sewing competition. I was in love. I loved the looks and the tutorials. I was just blown away.

I really don't know how I found Peekaboo Patterns or what led me to pattern test, but Amy from Peekaboo Patterns chose to me test her Alpine Wonderland Puffy Coat (you can still see my baby Jude in the listing) and suddenly this new world opened up to me!

I really cannot believe the growth I have had this last year. Here's some of my favorite projects that I've made:

I started my own Pattern shop and released my first pattern, the Saffron Twirl Dress.
I've been on a few pattern tours and I have tested so many patterns. I am so grateful to each and every designer for letting me test for them and learn from them.

Here's the list of designers I was able to test for.

Peek-a-boo patterns

Popolok Designs

Sewing Geek

 Me sew crazy

Heidi & Finn


Life of a Compulsive Crafter

Tulips & Edelweiss

Ginger Dimples

Shwin Designs

Compagnie M

Blank Slate Patterns

Go To Patterns

Scientific Seamstress

Greenstyle Patterns


Sew Much Ado

Straight Grain

Amelie Clothing

Do Guincho

See Kate Sew
Les Filles a Maman


So what is on my plate for 2014?

I have plans for a lot more patterns and something else in the works that I can't talk about right now.

As for family life, we are finishing our basement this year. We also plan to have a garden and finish our backyard and get a fence the rest of the way around our yard.

I also want to join in with the 365 Grateful Project. My posts on that will be monthly since I still have other things going on that I want to leave room for. I'm very excited to see how it changes my life and what I will end up being grateful for this year.

I hope you all have a wonderful new year!!!


  1. So many great things here! I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with in 2014. Here's to new blog friends!

  2. What a great year! You give me hope!

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  4. Oh MY at the pattern testing!!! We struggle with the turn-around time on these opportunities. This post introduced us to some pattern companies we weren't familiar with...

  5. Gorgeous creations! I cannot believe you found time to sew so much in 2013. Thanks for introducing me to so many new pattern companies as well :)


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