Essential Sewing Reference Tool Review & Giveaway

Today I get to talk about the amazing Carla. The brains behind Scientific Seamstress.
Carla is one of the coolest, most genuine and talented people I know. So when I was asked to sign up for HER book tour?? There wasn't a second of hesitation. Okay, maybe a second of picking my jaw off the floor and composing myself again, but as soon as that was taken care of, I scrambled fast to type in my info. 
Is it obvious I'm a little star struck?

Ahem...The book is called,
Essential Sewing Reference Tool: An All in One Visual Guide

As soon as I received it, I read it cover to cover. Well, more ebook page to ebook page.

It holds a massive wealth of information from types of fabrics, to sewing hem techniques to buttonholes (which my awesome friend Crystal blogged about and still has a giveaway for one of YOU to win on her blog, so go enter) really almost everything that deals with sewing. Incredibly useful to beginner sewers, but also very useful to tried and true ones too. I certainly learned a few things.

After reading through, I chose to do my review on adjusting patterns.

This is a big reason why I got into sewing. Being 6' and skinny, it's very hard finding anything that fits. That goes with my children as well.
When Gavin was first born, there wasn't any adjustable elastic for pants then and, well, it was just ridiculous.

This book touches on how you would adjust to make a pattern wider and/or longer. There are also standard sizing charts for infants, children, men, and women which is such an amazing guide. Really great for those that sell clothes, so they can ask for measurements and get a rough idea on what size a child would fall into before making a garment.

And I know this has nothing to do with the book, but Carla does an amazing job with her patterns and making them so easily adjustable. 

This is from the Katie pants and as you can see, there's a chart for hip measurement and then another one for the inseam length. She also already adjusts it on the pattern so you don't have to manually figure out the cut line and flare. Her women patterns are amazing with this too. It's hard not to pimp Carla out when she makes it so easy.

And on to the best part!! 

Enter the rafflecopter below to win a copy of the book for yourself and check out Scientific Seamstress everyday for the tour and another chance to win!
(real book for the continental US and e-book for the rest of the world.)

This book is amazing so if by chance you can't wait.....
buy a copy here!

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  1. I hope I win! I love the scientific seamstress, I've learned so much from her blog posts.

  2. I haven't even opened my Katie pattern yet, but that looks awesome! The ability to easily customize fit is what I LOVE about Carla's patterns.

  3. Thanks for the giveaway!! I LOVE Scientific Seamstress patterns and I bet I would love this book too!

  4. Thanks for the great giveaway! I'm off to investigate Scientific Seamstress patterns right now!

  5. Love this comp... Is there anyway to go in the draw without Facebook???

  6. Thank you for one chance to be in your drawing too. Not everyone wants to do FaceBook, Twitter,etc. etc.....so we appreciate having a chance to participate without them :)


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