Have you heard of  Alida's, Calling All Kids series? I absolutely love it. I love the message it gives and I love my kids being freethinkers and not being afraid to show what they love.

I had written a post, but this morning I just got to thinking and well, there's so much I love about Alida's goal that I had to rewrite.

My oldest is a boy and he has gone back and forth with having long and short hair. 

(This was his hair at it's longest)
I have been very proud of him for not caring what others think (besides Grandma....) and expressing himself as he likes.
When I started my outfit for this series Gavin saw the pink and when he heard it was for Jude, he did say, "Mum? Pink????" 
I told him that when he saw the outfit, he would want it himself, and who was right??
Good thing I have one more pirate button!

And now we can go back to my original post.

The shirt is the Flashback Skinny Tee, cause I love that pattern. The gold and white was a tank top I saw at the store and just knew it had to be made into a shirt to go with these little shorts.
My boy can totally rock the pink and gold!

I really do adore these little shorts and yes, Jude will be wearing them a lot this summer. 
If you've read my blog, you would probably know that these are the Small Fry Skinny Jeans. Not like I'm addicted or anything.......
I went all out with black topstitching and I HAD to put on one of my beloved pirate buttons.

Then to top it off for my little "freethinker" I made a slouchy beanie. 
Jude has a love/hate relationship with them......

We were having a lot of fun running around the yard digging up rocks until Daddy turned the sprinklers on.......

I also couldn't help but add this. No photoshoot of a kid is ever complete without a bribe or two......
Thank you Alida for such a great series! 


  1. Jude rocks this so hard. LOVE it! Real men wear pink, anyway ;)

  2. He is such a cool kid! Love this outfit, everything about it.

  3. Such a cool outfit!!!! Awesome job Karly!

  4. i really like the black detail around the front pockets

  5. Oh my, Jude is looking so fly in this outfit. I feel like he's the new Macklemore (sp?). hahaha Love it!

  6. this is amazing. he really rocks this outfit. so far one of the best posts in the calling all kids series!

  7. I love those pink shorts! You did a great job on them, and that black top-stitching makes it a very cool look.

  8. He's so cute... ahahah and those pants/shorts pattern (ehrmmm it really is addicting... I've done 5 already).

  9. I love this outfit so much! The fabric choices are so creative. I was telling my husband about it and he made a comment about colors for boys, saying that it seemed color choices were more limited for boys than for men. And it's true! My husband works in finance and has to dress quite conservatively. His pink and purple shirts are perfectly acceptable and he isn't the only man at his job to be wearing those colors. So why not give those colors to boys too?

  10. LOVE! again! why are you soooo good!And how do you do it! You have 2 more children than me! I think I would go insane!


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