Today my oldest turns 11. 

ELEVEN people. 

We've got the braces, deodorant, and this kid is now out of Elementary school. How did that happen??

I swear I just blinked.

This kid is the sweetest most caring kid ever. He is a great big brother and such a good helper.

He is amazing at Math, loves cars and trains and planes.
This kid is always on the go and loves riding his bike and rollerblading.
He doodles all over his school work.
He loves to sing.
He loves music in general.
And he absolutely adores his baby brother.

I'm so glad you were sent to us Gavin!


  1. Happy Birthday! He's just too cute Karly!

  2. What a cutie:) I didn't give my daughter permission to turn eight or nine, and she just did it anyways. I hate how they just grow up whether we like it or not!! Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy birthday Gavin! Today is my son Will's 12th birthday :)

  4. He is a gorgeous kid! Happy birthday!! They really grow too fast...


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