Cosi Swimsuit Tour

Last year I was able to test a swimsuit, and that experience has made swimsuits a staple to our summer time sewing list.
A while ago I had the honor to test the Cosi Swimsuit and I absolutely love it! You have so many different options and with 3 girls, that is exactly what I need! 

Aevarie's is the one I got to test. It's option A with the regular center piece. 

With Paisley's swimsuit, I made her's out of a light sparkle pink swim fabric we picked up from Joann's last year. I asked Paisley which swimsuit she wanted and she chose option A, just like big sis. I used the extended middle option to make it much more ruffly and I added 4 tabs with gold buttons to give it a bit more pizazz. 

Zoe chose option C but we omitted the leg frills. This fabric was super busy (also bought at Joanns) so this turned out to be the most perfect option for her!

Our city's new Splash Pad just opened up, so we had to go and check it out!
Verdict? The kids LOVED it! 

The Cosi swimsuit will be on our summer sewing list for years to come!
I am dying to make a two-piece!

Yes, the cowboy boots are a fashion must with a swimsuit! ;)

 You can get the Cosi Swimsuit for 15% off with the code: COSITOUR15 for the remainder of the tour (ends July 18th).

Go check out everyone elses swimsuits! They are all so lovely!


  1. Wow Karly!! i love all of them and all of your great photos. The pink one with the button tabs is my favourite!! thank you so much and it looks like you had fun:))

  2. bahaha love the cowboy boots! and the pink ruffled center is beautiful. It's amazing how many different looks you can get from one pattern eh?!

  3. These are awesome!
    Obviously, the cowboy boots are a must - such a perfect match :)

  4. These suits are so cute... not as cute as your subject though! Great work, I have yet to learn to tackle sewing a bathing suit!


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