Knit Headband Tutorial

Today I'm part of The Benson Street's Back to School Series!
There are tons of great ideas for back to school, so check it out!
With school starting soon, I have had hair on my mind. It's not like the summer where my kids can look like street urchins on account we aren't going anywhere. I also like my kids hair to be up out of their faces for school. With hair out of the way, they have a clear view of the board. At least hope they do.....
So, without further ado, lets get started on some knit headbands!

Because you will need your headband to be stretchy you will want to buy 2/3 yard of knit and you will need that stretch length, BUT this doesn't take much out of that and you will have plenty left over for more headbands or another project!

I've come up with some measurements that I've used with my kids, but you can always measure your kids head to get an absolute perfect fit.

Now that you have your fabric cut lets get sewing!

All Seam Allowances are 3/8".

And you are done!

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