Family Pictures

The last time we had family pictures taken was right after Jude was born and that was me handing my sister my camera and us spending about an hour trying very hard to get all the kids to look at her. Before that, we always did In-studio pictures at Kiddie Kandids. This is the first time we have ever had family pictures taken by an actual professional photographer and I am THRILLED.
Heather from My Kind of Wonderful Photography took our pictures. She took pictures of my girls during the summer for part of a "Sister Project". If you are local and have sisters, you should check it out!  She also took pictures for my All Spice listing photo's.

She is awesome and I love every photo she has taken of us!

So here's our family photo shoot!

*This one was taken during their sister shoot, so I didn't get any of them during our family one.


Since you can never have a family shoot without a funny, crazy picture.....

Thank you so much Heather for the amazing shoot! You know my kids were monsters and I am so amazed at all the good pics you got of them!!

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